What is Google Sniper All About?

What Is Google Sniper 2.0 All About?

by on 11/12/2013

What is Google Sniper About?
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So, what is Google Sniper 2.0?

In my last post, Google Sniper 2.0 Review, email I told you that Google Sniper 2 was being promoted to my top money making system recommendation. After having revisited it recently, I was especially impressed with the upsell – 3 hours of over-the-shoulder videos, which I watched right through.

The reason I like Google Sniper 2 so much is, it’s the simplest make-money system out there: IF you use the upsell – which consists of 3 videos showing you exactly how to build a Sniper site.

The upsell is the best part of the whole product!

Real Results from a Real Person

Anthony, who recorded the upsell videos, bought Google Sniper when he was 19 years old.

He build site after site until he had 60 of them – at which point his earnings were $10-12,000 a month!

Anthony is a shining example of how to make Google Sniper 2 work – so perfect to make the over-the-shoulder recordings. He is especially believable because he comes over as a really ordinary person with no extra-special skills.

He just stuck at it, kept going, and got his just rewards – a really nice monthly income.

My Video Summary of the 3 Upsell Videos

As I’ve said, the important thing with getting Google Sniper 2 is to buy the upsell – because that’s where you get the over the shoulder tutorial.

(I’m sure you can make it work without the upsell, by the way, but I’m trying to make it easy for you. And the upsell really does that.)

Are you not sure about getting the upsell? Well, that’s why I recorded a summary of it. This takes you, step by step, through each upsell video. I give a summary of exactly what’s included in each one.

I think that makes it easier to appreciate just how comprehensive this training is and you’ll get a good feel for how easy it will be to follow.

What is Google Sniper 2.0? You will know exactly after watching my video.

Anthony Really Take You By The Hand

The videos really go step-by-step, nice and slowly, through everything you need to know. Anthony really takes it down to basics, for if you need it. But not in a laborious way.

He even covers how to actually buy a domain name, how to change your name servers, how to install WordPress, and precisely which plug-ins you need for your WordPress site (only a few).

Then he gets on to the meat of the matter – how, exactly, to build your Sniper site.

So take a look at my video and I hope you will get a feel for just how straightforward Google Sniper 2.

If you missed my last email about Google Sniper 2, you can read it here.


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What is Google Sniper 2.0 All About?

If you watched the video, now you will know just what is Google Sniper! I hope you agree with me it is a great product: and one that will get a lot of people earning their first regular income online. If that’s you – do let me know how you get on with it! 🙂

More information about this programme on HeyMalc: Google Sniper 2.0 Review

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