What is a Product Launch

What is a Product Launch

by on 15/07/2014

What is a Product Launch
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Once you have an effective and profitable sales funnel in place a product launch is definitely a next option.


To make more profit!

Your sales funnel should include your initial product plus one or two upsells (and maybe downsells).

A Sample Funnel

Let’s say the funnel goes something like this:

Initial sale: $47

First upsell: $97

Second upsell: $147

(Just one of about 1000 possible variations LOL.)

And let’s assume the conversion rate of 10% on the initial sale followed by 20% on each of the upsells. This should be a fair rate of conversion.

The Bottom Line

Then for every 1,000 visitors you are making:

$(100 x 47) + (20 x 97) + (4 x 197)

= $470 + 1,940 + 788

= $3,198.

Now we can work out the value of each visitor:

$3,198 / 1000 = $3.20.

So it’s clear that for every thousand visitors of similar quality we can expect to make a little over $3,000.

With a well-planned product launch you can expect to get at least 10 times that number of visitors in the space of a few weeks.

The cost to you is that you must expect to give half of your profits away to the joint-venture partners who are going to email for you and send you visitors.

Money for Nothing…

If “half” sounds a lot of profit to give away, then consider this.

If you were guaranteed to make a profit of $15,000 you wouldn’t otherwise have had over 2 to 3 week period – would you accept?

I know I would.

So that’s what would happen – you’d expect to make $30,000 in sales, out of which you would pay $15,000 commission. Which would leave you £15,000 profit.

Is It That Simple?

No – of course not, LOL.

You have to watch your costs, and you have to be able to meet the demand – for example, you don’t want your server crashing because too many visitors have come at one time.

But the basic fact is, product launches, can make you a lot of money in a short space of time. And once you’ve got the hang of it, JVs will remember you did well for them last time and it’ll be easier to persuade them to mail for you next time.

So you need to add product launches to your armoury. Here is a video about how to do that.


Jason Fladlien’s Thrifty Marketer’s Product Launch.

Join Internet Marketing Superfriends and network, and listen to what people are saying about product launches. You will learn a ton on this site, and make great contacts.

Here’s a bigger list of Affiliate sites on HeyMalc.


What is a Product Launch: Transcript

What you will learn

  • What is a “product launch”

  • Where to list your product

  • How to get paid

  • What commission you will pay

  • How to get “JVs” – Joint Venture Partners

  • Where to learn more

So, first, …

What is a Product launch

…Product launch.

I love this topic and I could talk about it for hours; but I’ll restrain myself to giving just an overview. First of all,…

What is it?

…what exactly is a product launch?

It’s a process which usually lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. There’s a lot of preparation leading up to the launch date, then immediately following launch. There will be a spike of sales for a week or so, followed by a tailing off for a further couple of weeks.

A big launch can gross $1 million or more. And even a relatively small launch can sell 1000 products.

Following the launch the product may be discarded – this is likely if it can go out of date quickly; or it might continue to be sold, at a slower rate, for some years.

The keys

The keys to a successful launch – that is, one that makes a lot of money – are…

Plenty of “JVs” – affiliates

You’ll manage to find plenty of JVs – joint-venture partners, or affiliates – who will mail out about your product, because they’ll probably get 50% or more commission…


Effective sales funnel

…to maximise the income. Many launches the sales funnel will be a front-end product, a first upsell, and a second upsell. As 20% can be expected to buy each upsell. If you don’t have these you are leaving a lot of money on the table…

Example funnel

… An example funnel could be like this. The front end product could be some sort of training in the form of an ebook and five or six videos. Then the first upsell could be an over the shoulder view of somebody actually putting the training into practice. George Brown does this with Google Sniper – the first upsell’s Anthony, one of his students, actually building a sniper site in front of your eyes.

The second upsell could be a “done for you” product – where you pay a relatively high price to receive the finished product.

While you can make a lot of money from a product launch in under 10 days . Be in no doubt – it’s often a…


…high stress process. There is a lot that can go wrong. It’s a lot of stress producing the product, outsourcers can go missing and often do, you can change your mind and have to reshape the product, computers crash, which can slow you down. Then, when it comes to launch day, everything has to be ready at the precise moment of launch – and often, it isn’t. The day before will be a very long day – and for many people it will be an all nighter!

On top of this, if the launch is a huge success and you sell lots of products PayPal has a reputation for putting your account on hold because of certain suspicious activity. Now, that is frustrating! Nobody should do a product launch without a second, fully functioning, Business PayPal account to switch to if necessary.

Other important questions


Where to “list” your product?

And which…

Payment processor?

…to use? And, finally,

How much commission?

…to pay your JVs or affiliates?

First, where to list your products

Product Launch: Where to List

List it yourself?

Should you list it yourself – and run your own affiliate programme?


I’d advise against this. You can do it but there’s no real advantage.


You will end up with additional administration and also potential affiliate might not


trust you as well as they would a name they know.

So, the places you can list YOUR product are the same as the places you looked for product to sell as an affiliate – such as Clickbank.


Clickbank is the first place to think of for digital products such as ebooks and training courses. Though they have been falling out of favour a bit lately and many marketers have moved over to…


JVZoo for physical products, consider..

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate – Which is what used to be called Commission Junction. If you are watching the video on the HeyMalc site, there’s a link in the resources section following the video to a bigger list of affiliate sites. Or go to HeyMalc Internet Marketing Tools for that list.


Product Launch: Payments

Payment processing – who will take your payments?


Clickbank are a payment processor themselves, so if you list with them they will take the payment, pay affiliates and deal with refunds.

Other services use


Paypal, including JVZoo and Warrior Plus. Make sure to phone PayPal to tell them you are having a product launch and so to expect increased activity on your account. Even then, word might not get through. And it’s possible you’re account could be frozen on launch day! So be sure to have a backup, fully operational, PayPal account to fall back on, as I mentioned above. This is a real issue which has affected very many people!

Finally, is the…

Merchant account

Merchant Account. This means you take your own Visa, MasterCard, maybe Amex, etc. You have to apply for one of these, and it can be a bit tough to get approved. If you get one, it can be okay, but accept that merchants don’t really understand Internet marketing. So again, they will get worried if there is a sudden spike in money going into your account.

One way around this is to use the little-known “rotating merchant account” method. Just as it sounds, this means a number of merchant accounts are used in rotation, then if one of them freezes the account, the rotation continues without that one.

Now a few words about…

Product Launch: Commission?


Commission paid to JVs is typically 50%.

You may pay…



Key JVs

– important JVs who are likely to sell loads of product, so can demand a higher percentage – maybe 60%.

Also, if selling a Warrior Special Offer, aka


then these product tend to be dirt cheap, so JVs may want 100% to promote it. The vendor hopes to make money either from the upsell, or from the list they build. Or they may be doing the WSO to test their conversion rate, so not be too bothered about the profit at this point – but hoping to make money from a bigger launch later.

So, how do you get …

Product Launch: JVs?

…on board to email your offer out for you to their lists? This is really the crux of your product launch. The two ways to get people to email for you are either…

Personal friends/acquaintances

… asking them because you know them, or paying someone else who knows them. This other person is called a …

JV Broker

…JV Broker. They will want a big chunk of your profit – a good broker will want 15 to 20% of your gross.

It sounds a lot – but if you do your sums you will quickly see it really is worth it for the extra sales (assuming they are really good – do your research!)

One more thing – a JV broker won’t necessarily chase people who said they will mail to make sure they do. That’s another job. You either have to do that yourself, or get a staff member to do it, or use a…

JV Manager

JV Manager To keep chasing people up. And people WILL need chasing!

Making friends…

So, if you don’t want to pay for the JV broker or a JV manager how do you make friends and acquaintances with JVs who might mail for you?

The best way I have found is to chat to people in…

Facebook groups

… Facebook groups, and then carry on the conversation elsewhere – instant messaging, Skype, email – when appropriate.

You can ask people questions, answer other peoples questions, and then if people Like one of your replies, or if you take to them for some reason, just send them a friend request.

You can easily end up with hundreds of Facebook friends this way, and it can get confusing. So be sure to…

Keep notes

…Keep notes of who you have talked to and what you talked about. You can then jog your memory later. I keep notes of people I talk to in an Excel spreadsheet. It’s extremely useful.

My favourite Facebook group at the moment is…


Internet Marketing Super Friends, or IMSF. It’s full of knowledgeable people, and selling is forbidden, which is refreshing! If you are watching the video on the HeyMalc site, there’s a link in the resources section to the Internet Marketing Superfriends group on Facebook, or search for IMSuperfriends on Facebook. Anyone can join.

Groups and FB Profile

One point about Facebook groups is that you can only join them with your profile – not a page. But this is not really a problem as long as when you add a business friend, you make sure to add them to a “JVs” list which doesn’t show on your timeline, and doesn’t have access to your personal photos, etc. . This is all doable.

So that’s all about product launches in 10 minutes! Here’s …

Where to learn more

Jason Fladlien

…is one of my favourite trainers online. The great thing about Jason is he “deconstructs” any complex process and comes up with his own simplified, step-by-step process. He is brilliant at doing this.

For product launches. He does this with his product…

The Thrifty Marketer’s Product Launch

.. Which is a very good value product and will only cost you a few dollars. There is a ton of information in the Thrifty Marketer’s Product Launch and if you are thinking of ever doing a product launch. It’s really useful to have it.


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