Using Evernote On Devices

Using Evernote On Devices

by on 03/06/2015

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More and more people are using Evernote on their devices. But what are the pros and cons of these – as opposed to using it on a desktop computer?

The answer is, it all depends on your work style and your working habits.

There is no doubt that Evernote on a desktop computer gives you best ease-of-use when it comes to:

  • Seeing everything on one screen
  • Being able to type easily
  • Having full use of the mouse to be able to navigate, filter and search faster

And there are a couple of slightly more technical advantages of Evernote for web or desktop, which only existing users will fully appreciate the value of:

  • Being able to select multiple tags (so more precise filtering is possible)
  • Easy creation of “Saved Searches”

These two features may or may not be important to you. Though if you are using Evernote for time management – as I do with my Timology system – the first of these two is important.

But devices have their advantages too.

The advantage of devices

The main advantages of Evernote on devices are:

  • Portability, and
  • Taking pictures

Portability means that you are able to have Evernote with you anywhere. This means that firstly you can look up data you need to know at any time. And secondly you can add notes to Evernote at any time too.

If you use Evernote for your time management then it means you are never far away from a list of your tasks – either to remind yourself what they are, or add to them.

Taking Pictures

Cameras on smartphones and tablets are getting better and better. With the best ones, it’s possible to take a photograph of a magazine page and for the text to be crystal clear.

This means that if you are reading an interesting article you can photograph it to save it, instead of waiting until you are near to a scanner. (Scanners don’t take magazine-sized pages anyway – so you’d have to cut it in half!)

evernotecameraThere are two ways to take pictures into Evernote. The first way is to click on the picture icon on the Evernote home screen of your app (see image) and then the picture you take drops straight into an Evernote Note.

The second way is to take a picture ordinarily and then forward it to your dedicated Evernote email account. Your unique Evernote email address is found in your app settings under Account info.

Any photograph – or any email or web page, for that matter – sent to your Evernote email address drops straight into your account online and then syncs back to all your installations of Evernote.

Constant Improvement

Evernote is constantly improving all versions of Evernote – for iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows touch (Windows 8), Android and Blackberry.

To get yourself up to speed with Evernote’s capabilities on your particular platform check out Evernote training here: Evernote’s features and abilities on all platforms.

My Favourite Software

If I had to choose, Evernote will be one of my favourite pieces of software. This is because it is central to my time management as well as my digital filing. It’s really convenient to use and, being on all my apps, is always available.

Check out my post: How to use Evernote

Evernote like to add bells and whistles to their product – such as the ability to add spreadsheets, embed PDFs, and create checklists you can tick off.

Personally, I like to keep it simple. If I want a spreadsheet – I use Excel. If I wanted to save a PDF I wouldn’t want to embed it in a second programme – that’s just asking for difficulty when I want to read it. And I’ve never found a use for a checklist in Evernote yet.

But that’s just me. Evernote has dozens of features some of which you’ll love and some of which you won’t bother using.

But Evernote is certainly worth having, and they focus on making it available on every possible platform.

(With the exception of Ubuntu for Linux. In which case you need the Evernote clone, Nixnote. This syncs with your web version of Evernote.)

More and more people are making use of Evernote on devices. Evernote is very usable on all devices even though it lacks one or two features of the desktop and web versions. But for many people, the portability of Evernote on devices makes up for that. And even if you use the web version or desktop version to get the most out of it, you need Evernote on your devices too.

See this training to get up-to-date information on the features of Evernote for devices on all the platforms it covers.

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