Why Use a Money Making System?

Why Use a Money Making System?

by on 02/01/2014

Money Making System
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Many people find investing in a proven money making system scary.

But there is no need for this – when you are much more likely to be successful!

Why Use Someone Else’s Money Making System?

The reason to use someone else’s money making system is that is much simpler than devising your own.

Stand on the shoulders of others – use a system that has already been proven in practice.

This way you will get to the point of success much, much faster. And you will avoid taking the blind alleys which will just waste your time otherwise.

Once you have that regular income coming in – and growing each month – it is such a good feeling! But you must be consistent – which proven money making strategies allow you to be – to avoid repeated failures.

How Does a Money-Making System Work

The money making systems I recommend describe the exact steps you need to take to make money.

Most money making strategies have some sort of “quick start guide” which you should stick closely to, until you have got the hang of the system.

I’m not saying it will be easy; it never is. But by following somebody else’s system and sticking to it closely you have a blueprint which really helps to keep you on track and highly focused.

What Stops People Being Successful?

The main thing stopping people being successful is using money making techniques they have devised themselves. It is possible to be successful this way, but it’s generally up-and-down and much more likely to fail.

This is why it’s much better, initially, to follow somebody else’s complete system closely. You are much more likely to be successful.

The second thing stopping people being successful is spending too much time on activities that don’t make you money. The worst among these are reading sales pages – for things you don’t really need; and reading marketing emails which just suck your time.

If you follow one of the money making systems I recommend then you don’t need to read any other sales pages. Just promise yourself you will have a “sales-page-reading embargo” for three months while you get things moving with the system you are following.

Just stop reading them!

As far as email is concerned if you haven’t got a secondary email box for all the non-urgent email to go into then you need to set one up now – it’ll really save you a ton of time. Read this post about how to do that. Until you’ve done it, it’s hard to appreciate just how much time and stress you’ll save.

How To Get The Most out of a Money Making Programme

– First, you MUST get your calendar and emails in order at the start of every work day (or session). A. Check your diary to check for any appointments. B. Hammer through your email to get it out of the way (use the “secondary inbox method” I refer to above.) Unsubscribe to any emails you possibly can – they are probably garbage 😐

REVIEW YOUR CALENDAR AND EMAILS FAST, every day (or session) and get them out of the way. Then apply your chosen money-making programme, like this:

  • Get your programme and spend 3-5 hours reading all the introductory material.
  • Find the “quick start” method for that programme. For example, with Google Sniper, follow the exact method given by Anthony in the 3-video upsell. With Bring the Fresh, follow the Fast Start Blueprint, etc.
  • For the next 1-2 weeks, spend 50% of your time studying the system, and 50% applying it.
  • For the next 2 weeks, spend 25% of your time studying the system and 75% applying it.
  • After that, spend 10% of your time studying and 90% applying it. Maintain at this level.
  • Once a month set aside half an hour to review how your making money online techniques are going. This can be done very well on a bus or train journey or in other dead time. Set yourself a few targets for the next month, eg: “Build 3 sites this month”, or “Unsubscribe from 10 more emails”, or “Discuss with my partner how to get an extra hour a week to build sites – but not at the expense of our relationship”, etc.

What Will Happen If I Follow This Method?

At last you will be successful!

Contrary to what most people trying to sell stuff on the internet will tell you, success for most people comes slowly.

And that is fine.

Look at it like this. Say in month one you learn how your money making system works, and get up to speed with the techniques and strategies necessary to apply it.

In month two you put up a site or two and make $50 commission selling affiliate products.

In month three, you do the same again and make $100 commission.

Expanding at the same rate, after six months of this you will be making $1,600 a month commission.

And that $1,600 will be around 95% profit – because you don’t have many expenses. A darned good profit margin.

In my herbal business I need to make $8,000 worth of sales to make the same $1,600.

The Best Money Making Systems

If you want to read about the money making techniques I think are worthy of recommendation, check out this post listing every money making system I rate.

Put your fears aside – and invest in a proven money making system. You are 50 times likely to be successful than if you try to make it on your own.

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