Top 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Top 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

by on 27/10/2013

Top 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
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This post details the top 3 internet marketing mistakes to avoid – according to several surveys I have carried out. I want you to avoid these! And pre-warned is pre-armed. Many of my readers arrive on this page after reading my post about how an internet marketing guru can manipulate you though “product launches”.

The summary of that post:

  • “Red flags” which should warn you against such *dodgy* Product Launches
  • The “10 Steps of a guru’s Product Launch”, and finally:
  • Five solid ways to make money online – the right way to do it!

Back to those 3 IM mistakes…

Top 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Now let’s look at the top 3 internet marketing mistakes to avoid – those which most commonly stop people succeeding online. My surveys have showed consistently that the top 3 internet marketing mistakes are:

  • Lack of organisation (98%)
  • Lack of a precise, reliable system to make money (96%)
  • Procrastination (95%)

As they affect so many people, let’s look at all three in a bit more detail.

1. Lack of Organisation

‘Poor organisation’ is quoted by nearly everyone as an internet marketing mistake which has definitely held them back. That was why I created my training programme Get Organised Now – and that’s how a lot of you got to know me. (If not, it might still be available as a “WSO” (Warrior Special Offer) for a very cheap price.  Once I move it off Warrior, it will be 4 times the price. The main reasons people say they are disorganised are:

  • Lack of focus and following too many distractions – reading sales letters, reading emails, going round in circles.
  • Lack of confidence in what they are doing in – and so they are constantly changing their plans.
  • Poor time management and prioritisation

2. Lack of a precise, reliable system to make money (96%)

The second of the internet marketing mistakes to avoid is: the lack of a reliable system – and one which makes it inevitable you will make money. In fact, 96% of people know that they need a reliable system if they are to make money. Nevertheless, most people still try and hack on by themselves thinking they are going to get it sussed – next month or the month after…. and don’t. The fact is, it’s very, very, very hard to succeed in internet marketing (IM) by yourself. It’s much easier to use someone else’s system which is already set up. Not finding and applying a decent system is a common internet marketing mistake, no doubt. For solving the problem of poor time management check out my time management post about applying David Allen’s Getting Things Done time management system, using Evernote.

3. Procrastination (95%)

A huge number of people think that they procrastinate too much when trying to make money online. I think a large part of the problem might be that they are not confident in what they should be doing next. And there are always so-o-o many choices! Working in IM is a constant battle to stay focused. The distractions are there even for the most experienced marketer. (Experience just teaches you to avoid more of them.) It’s really a question of developing your strength of will to keep focused. Having a system to follow really helps here. So, procrastination is certainly one of the top 3 internet marketing mistakes to avoid.

The Answer: Having a System Is The Key

These 3 internet marketing mistakes are felt by nearly everyone trying to make a success online. These must be avoided if you are to be successful. And this is possible IF you will only find a decent system to follow – and stick to it solidly until it takes you to success. This is why my number one recommendation to all readers of my blog is to invest a little money monthly into a proven system and stick with it until it’s making you regular income. Then it’s easy to build on that.

Give it Time – and it Will Make You Money

If you are expecting results in a month or two – don’t even waste your time reading on 😐  – you can’t expect results that quickly. Keep dreaming 🙂 But if you are realistic and patient  – and you allow 6 to 9 months to learn the ropes and begin earning regular money, invest in one of the systems I recommend.

Decent Money Will Come

Applying a proven system does take time. In six months of hard work you might have learned the system thoroughly, and have started to see a regular income of $100 to $200 a month. Maybe even $300 a month. But don’t focus too hard on the money – because the big point is: YOU HAVE LEARNED THAT SYSTEM. Now you are able to go faster – many people will be able to double that income every 2, 3 or 4 months. Another year – and that is very decent money – and it’s reliable.

Which Systems Can’t You Trust?

After my surverys, I felt really frustrated on behalf of the respondants that so many were trying in vain. Most or all were trying really hard – and nearly all are going round in circles. Even more sickening is the fact that the majority of marketers out there seem to be fine about taking money off people: either for products which are inappropriate; or even worse, products that are clearly a rip-off. These range from straighforward “newbie ripoffs”, to vendors of – sometimes quite decent – software making out that this is the answer to every newbie’s prayer: when, in fact, it’s overkill for most of them.

Which Systems Can You Trust?

I have sniffed out some complete systems of making money which I have confidence in and that I can recommend. If you want to make money online you can’t do better than use one of the systems I recommend. If you are doing other stuff (unsuccessfully…) you might like to drop it! and try out one of my recommended systems for 6 months. 🙂 I have been inside the memberships of all of these products and “spied” on them 🙂 Here’s a little bit about each one.

The Systems I Recommend

Bring The Fresh

Highly respected make-money system from two tremendously successful Internet marketers. 60-day guarantee. Pros: * Reasonable monthly cost * Very active forum and Kelly Felix posts often * Recommended by Warren Buffett and the Ogilvy Consultancy Cons: None Bring The Fresh

The Chris Farrell Membership

The top money making system on IM Report Card – which is a real vote of confidence. Chris spends tons of time helping his members. 60-day guarantee. Pros: * Reasonable monthly cost * Over 1000 training videos * Very systematic training – from the ground up * Chris is very friendly and helpful * He is often in the forum answering questions Cons: None The Chris Farrell Membership

Gain Higher Ground

A solid money making system from a personal friend who I know to be decent. 60-day guarantee. Pros: * Modest monthly cost * Simple yet comprehensive training * Rob is easily accessible – either through his forum or even off-line. * Friendly and helpful Cons: None Gain Higher Ground Gain Higher Ground

Site Build It

EVERYTHING you need to build a solidy business online, around your interests. 3 month guarantee. Pros: * You are taught, step by step, how to make money with affiliate marketing * Making money online is really made accessible with this program * Everything you need is provided – everything! * Ken Evoy’s reputation for integrity is legendary * You will get a ton of help from others in the “Site Build It family” Cons: * Although your site is super-easy to set up it is hosted on Ken Evoy’s hosting. So you can’t move it. Still – it is a great way of getting started and the plus side is you don’t have any hosting problems. Once you know the ropes you can always set up another site on your own hosting. Site Build It

Six Months From Today

A martial arts expert, Chad Hamzeh teaches CPA expertly in this powerful program. CPA? It’s “Cost Per Action”. You “buy” traffic on sites such as “Plenty of Fish”, so you can advertise to them. Using CPA you need to make more from commission – that the advertisers pay you – than you pay out for placing the ads. Pros: * Solid training from an acknowledged expert in CPA * Provides an alternative to selling affiliate products * It’s easy to leverage your successes with CPA * When you have a successful ad – you can really make a killing * Paid traffic is a really useful skill for Internet marketing of all types Cons: * You need a starting budget to buy the paid traffic Six Months From Today

Get Started Making Money

If you are going round and round in circles with Internet marketing, or if you have just started, you can’t do better than invest in one of these programs to start you off making money. Stop reading sales letters, stop reading marketers emails. Make sure you spend 80% of your online time working your program. This really is the best way to be successful online. Let others be the sheep – the lemmings! Commit to investing in a proven program and spend all your time on it until it is making you regular income. Once you are making regular money you will see the rest of the I am world in perspective. Most people are running around chasing their tails making little or no money – and often sounding off about topics they know nothing about. Ignore them. Choose your program, invest, focus. Unsubscribe to all rubbish emails (which is 99% of them). That’s the way to be successful online. 🙂

Top 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

These 3 top internet marketing mistakes put huge blocks in the way for most people – as identified by my surveys. Please avoid them stopping you in you tracks: and the best way to do that is to follow someone else’s, proven system. They can be avoided: but only if you have a powerful system: and I have referred you to five of these above. Good luck – and let me know how you get on!

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