Three Favourite Tools I Use Every Week

Three Favourite Tools I Use Every Week

by on 08/07/2014

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Jason Fladlien is one of my favourite Internet marketers. The reason is that he does one particular thing REALLY well.

He brilliantly “deconstructs” complex processes we all use in Internet marketing, makes them super-simple.

On top of that, his training products are a very reasonable cost.

Even today, I frequently reach for these training tools of Jason’s, when I want to write an article quickly and efficiently, write sales copy, or want clues on how to do a great product launch.

I have three favourite products of his which teach you how to:

  • Write an article, a report, or a book
  • Write a sales page
  • Carry out a product launch

How to Write an Article, a Report, or a Book.

This is Fladlien’s 48 Hour Report.

The training consists of five videos and a 50-page ebook.

Jason defines a complete process of writing, taking into account the four learning styles of all people – why, what, how and what if.

Addressing these four types of people means you have an information product that appeals to everybody – and can be understood by everybody.

The “48 Hour”, refers to the fact that: “In two days you can have a report which you can sell $47 or more”.

I refer to 48 Hour Report OFTEN when I am writing – just about anything. Highly recommended.

48 Hour Report

How to Write a Sales Page – or an Advert

This 15-video training is Fladlien’s Stopwatch Copywriting in which he teaches you how to produce world-class sales page copywriting: “in less than three hours”.

In this case, Jason deconstructs the sales page into its key components such that when you come to write it – it writes itself!

For example, he tells you that he spends 90% of his time constructing the offer – because that’s the main thing that will make people buy. Then he tells you the main components of an offer from which you can choose to create your own offer.

It’s a brilliant training, with 15 videos and 15 mp3s, as well as a 15-minute quick start guide.

Any time you are writing anything – use Stopwatch Copywriting as a guide.

It will give you tons of ideas – and make you 90% better in just 30-60 minutes: it’s that good!

Read more about Stopwatch Copywriting.

How to Carry Out a Product Launch

This is: The Thrifty Marketer’s Product Launch.

This is Jason’s third brilliant training – out of my favourite Fladlien trainings.

In this training, Jason breaks down all the different possible product launch types into their component parts and variations. It is wonderfully systematic and absolutely fantastic.

If product launches have seemed a mystery to you – then Jason takes the mystery right out of them and presents them very clearly.

If you are thinking of doing a product launch – or might in the future – definitely get this training and read through it for ideas. You will get dozens.

If you are NOT thinking of doing a product launch: get it anyway – because you might very well think of doing one after you’ve read it!

10 Videos / Mindmaps

This course consists of 10 videos in which he goes through mind maps of all the processes.

This is another brilliant training from Jason Fladlien, on all aspects of the product launch. It’s well worthy of a place in your training library.

The Thrifty Marketer’s Product Launch

Get All Three!

We all can do with the ability to write or tweak an appealing article or report, to write or tweak a sales page, to write blog post titles and email subject lines. In our career as marketers. It helps greatly to develop these skills.

Even if you outsource these jobs, you’ll still have to write an email subject line now and again – and you want it to be appealing.

On top of this, whenever you get a successful ‘sales funnel’ you need to be thinking about the possibility of a product launch – it can double, triple or quadruple your income.

A Great Investment

So I strongly recommend getting all of these trainings from Jason Fladlien.

These have been three of my most looked at trainings over the past three or four years.

48 Hour Report

Stopwatch Copywriting

The Thrifty Marketer’s Product Launch

You know I only ever recommend good stuff: these are among the best trainings, and for a very decent price.

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