The Best IM Podcast

The Best IM Podcast

by on 15/10/2014

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This is the best IM podcast I have found. It’s from Amy Porterfield. Search for it on your device’s store, and you can get back issues here, directly from Amy’s site.

I am an avid listener to podcasts. I subscribe to them using the Downcast app on my smart phone, and then listen to them either via a Bluetooth speaker when cooking, etc, or plug them into the car stereo.

I’ve tried all the Internet marketing podcasts I can find, but there’s only one I like: Amy Porterfield’s.

So I’m left with podcasts on news and current affairs, stock market and shares, comedy – and Amy’s.

Amy might be a little “sickly sweet” for British tastes (“…so honoured to have you tune in… “etc) but the content is very often superb, so I can forgive her that, LOL.

Amy’s Background

Amy Porterfield used to work closely with Anthony Robbins. During that work she met with several prominent people in IM – Frank Kern, for example. So watching and listening to them gave her some great insights.

Then, when she set up on her own, she decided to specialise in Facebook. And she certainly knows her stuff there. Any of Amy’s training on FaceBook is very well informed.

Great Interviewees

Amy is very well connected and manages to get some really great people to interview – and then she interviews them very well. Both these factors help to make hers the best IM podcast, in my book. She manages to tease really good content out of those she interviews and she gives them time to speak.

In episode 31, she interviewed Jeff Walker – the inventor of the product launch. This is a stunning interview and you really get insights into Jeff’s methods and how they work. Listen to it!

Recently I listened to her podcast number 36 with Pam Hendrickson. This is brilliant about how to understand your audience. When at Tony Robbins Pam actually interviewed, and took on, Amy. So she was Amy’s boss. Pam was actually responsible for creating much content which Tony Robbins then delivered. Her teaching will take a bit of getting your head around but she’s obviously spent a ton of time developing her principles which she lays out clearly here. This is well worth a listen, plus Pam gives you a useful free report giving a 4-step formula to boost your ROI (return on investment).

It’s truly fascinating for me to listen to two ex-Robbins employees who have been at the rock face for Tony and then found success for themselves. (And I think all three are really decent people – TR, Amy and Pam.)

In podcast 26, Amy interviews Chris Ducker, who lives in the Philippines and is an expert in outsourcing. It’s great to hear his take on outsourcing and he obviously knows the topic inside out.

Podcasts are a great way to keep up with information you are interested in.

If, like me, you like news and current affairs, then you’ll find some of the BBC’s offerings excellent.

But if you want to keep on the topic of IM, the one podcast which rises head and shoulders above all others, is Amy Porterfield’s.

Sign up to her podcasts with your player – if you haven’t got one, I do recommend Downcast. It will update automatically and you will have the podcasts on your smart phone, tablet to listen to at your convenience.

When listening to podcasts, I don’t like fluff, I don’t like lots of pointless chat, and I do like actionable data. This is where Amy excels – she often focuses her interviewees on actionable recommendations.

If you find any other good IM podcasts do let me know – I’d love to know about them and try them out. I am particularly interested in keeping up with IM news and would love to find someone who covers it well and without waffle. So if you have any ideas… hit me up in the comments, or on my FaceBook page.

Until then, I think Amy’s is the best IM podcast around.

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