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Techniques For Time Management – Having A Plan

by on 10/03/2011

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"Time Is Money"

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You cannot apply any techniques for time management effectively unless you have some sort of plan. When you are a beginner Internet marketer it is hard to know what to do first. If you are making money within a few months you are lucky – and definitely in the (happy) minority.

That is why I suggest you use a proven system for making money. Then, make sure that whatever time you have to spend on your Internet marketing activities you spend at least half of it following your chosen “proven system”.

You just have to be really tough with yourself in your time management, because there are so many distractions which will suck your time and make it disappear in a flash.

Time Yourself

One useful technique is to use a stopwatch. Just record how much time you’re spending directly making money, and every time you go and do something else which does not directly making money, stop the stopwatch.

The truth of the matter is, that if you are spending half your time on activities which will directly making money, then you will in time make money.

You cannot avoid it. Use all the techniques of time management you can to achieve this goal.

So that is my secret of success 🙂

I suggest you check out my page on how to make money online for free so you can choose a system that you know works. (For most folks.) I recommend that you buy nothing else until you are making money with the system you choose.

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