Post-Holiday Time Management

September 11, 2012
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Time management is a crucial skill for internet marketers – as for anyone else who is in business. But with internet marketing time management takes on extra urgency because so many people are failing at it. Part of the problem is a lack of time management skills but for most, an equal problem is not having a good plan to follow.

But it’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing: if your time management is not up to scratch, it’s hard to be successful even if you have a good plan.

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Download Any Video To Watch Later – Part 1

February 24, 2012
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Sometimes you want to download a video from the internet so you can watch it later at your leisure. This may be easy: sometimes it’s harder – but it can always be done. Here is some training on how you can download any video.

First is the simple way using a Firefox addon – Download Helper. This addon is a dream to use in most cases. And it will work to download YouTube or most other videos. It will even convert them into other formats – so that you can, for example, watch them on your tablet or smartphone.

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Download Any Video To Watch Later – Part 2

February 24, 2012
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It’s great to be able to download a video to enable you to watch a video later, sometimes. A video I wanted to watch recently was an hour-long and could not be paused for note-taking.

That’s no good to me.

First of all I wanted to take notes. And secondly there is no way I will sit and listen to a whole hour of an IM video. I listen in dribs and drabs while on my tea break, or even listen to the soundtrack in the car via iPod.

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Please Make Me Millions – Today!

June 25, 2011

I took a look at the Michael Jones launch – Instant Passive Profits – this morning, for a laugh. Here’s the link, but DON’T BUY IT – Just watch this pure unadulterated sheist as a lesson in what to avoid. Rise above 😉 DO NOT BUY – JUST LAUGH! (Do I need to say […]

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Content On Your Site: ‘Spinning’

May 30, 2011

‘Spinning’ makes unique versions of articles we have written, to please search engines.

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Video and Flow Chart Help

February 26, 2011

Forwards to page: Video and Flow Chart Help

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Clickbank Recurring Billing Nightmare

December 15, 2010

Clickbank recurring billing can really be a pain in the bottom. How do you cancel a recurring payment in Clickbank? I bought Easy Video Player and that is a really great product. But it came with an unrequested monthly subscription – I’m not sure exactly to what. The subscription was free for a month and […]

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How To Get Website Traffic

November 7, 2010

My comprehensive Video/Flowchart of Traffic Generation.

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Video And Flowchart Help

October 4, 2010

Training – Videos and Flowchart for HeyMalc Members The help ‘Videos and Flowcharts‘ available for all Members of HeyMalc (join here) have been divided by category. They are organised under these headings: Domains, Hosts and FTP Including training on: How Domain Name, website and WWW are related How to buy a domain name How to […]

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Video And Flowchart Help – RSS

August 28, 2010

HeyMalc gives extensive help to beginner-to-intermediate Internet marketers. Malc wrote his first website in HTML in 2000, and has worked with Internet marketing (IM) since then & full-time for 3 years. In 2009-10 he spent 100s of hours managing support desks & forum-moderating. He loves IM, & teaching it – which shows. Many students say […]

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