Save More Time With Roboform Home Page

June 29, 2013
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Do you use RoboForm to securely store your logins? If you do, you might like to save more time – by using the feature to make RoboForm your browser homepage.

This means when you open your browser – or any other time you want to click on your homepage tab – you will have 10, 15 or 20 of your favourite logins displayed as well as 5 or 10 of your most recently used login pages.

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Malc’s Top Ten Efficiency Tools

January 12, 2013
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I recently posted in a forum about my favourite Top Ten Efficiency Tools of the moment. I reproduce my list here with a few extra details.

I think it’s always worth seeing a “top ten list”, because it makes you think about things in a different way and, if you are like me, you are likely to see one or two in a new light and add them to your own repertoire.

I just love testing out new tools: or getting to the point of realising where I am wasting time every day and then Googling to see who else has had that problem and how they solved it. I do have to be strong, though, and ration the amount of time I let myself spend on this stuff. Or I’d be on it all day! πŸ™‚

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Everything search will not index Dropbox files

January 5, 2013
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I noticed recently that Everything search, the superb utility which lets me find any file on my computer in seconds, was not working properly. On investigation, it turned out it was not indexing any files in the Dropbox folder: a big drawback as all my data files are in that folder!

I realised long time ago that a “desktop search” programme would be hugely useful for me as I was spending more and more time looking for files on my folder system.

That was when, eventually, I found the fantastic utility Everything search: and I did not want to lose that!

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Download Any Video To Watch Later – Part 1

February 24, 2012
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Sometimes you want to download a video from the internet so you can watch it later at your leisure. This may be easy: sometimes it’s harder – but it can always be done. Here is some training on how you can download any video.

First is the simple way using a Firefox addon – Download Helper. This addon is a dream to use in most cases. And it will work to download YouTube or most other videos. It will even convert them into other formats – so that you can, for example, watch them on your tablet or smartphone.

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