Save More Time With Roboform Home Page

June 29, 2013
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Do you use RoboForm to securely store your logins? If you do, you might like to save more time – by using the feature to make RoboForm your browser homepage.

This means when you open your browser – or any other time you want to click on your homepage tab – you will have 10, 15 or 20 of your favourite logins displayed as well as 5 or 10 of your most recently used login pages.

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Malc’s Top Ten Efficiency Tools

January 12, 2013
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I recently posted in a forum about my favourite Top Ten Efficiency Tools of the moment. I reproduce my list here with a few extra details.

I think it’s always worth seeing a “top ten list”, because it makes you think about things in a different way and, if you are like me, you are likely to see one or two in a new light and add them to your own repertoire.

I just love testing out new tools: or getting to the point of realising where I am wasting time every day and then Googling to see who else has had that problem and how they solved it. I do have to be strong, though, and ration the amount of time I let myself spend on this stuff. Or I’d be on it all day! 🙂

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Develop a solid, profitable online business – 3

December 24, 2012
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You can develop a solid internet business if you follow some simple principles, then have patience. Part 3 of my 5 part training is about one of the most important aspects of business success: managing your time.

Many internet marketers say they are overwhelmed – or confused with all the options they have. The truth is, most do not have good time management principles in place plus most do not have a good plan either.

The time management is take care of by this training. Not having a good plan is covered in part 4.

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Develop a solid, profitable online business – 2

December 24, 2012
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Most people trying to make money online read too many sales newsletters. The thing is, once you have chosen a system to follow (and you should follow a system if you want to succeed) you rarely need to read a sales letter.

The truth is: most of them are either selling products which are not much good (or, worse, useless) or the are no help to you at the moment. So, watch this video and find out how you can avoid watching them and wasting your time.

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3 podcasts you won’t want to miss

December 8, 2012
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Podcasts can be a fantastic way of getting information which you would otherwise miss. And they are a great way of using time which would otherwise go to waste. Unfortunately, there are many rubbish podcasts around! But after some trial and error I finally found 3 brilliant podcasts which I love – and which anyone involved in internet marketing will love too.

So I strongly recommend you try out these brilliant podcasts. I am sure you will love them too!

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Post-Holiday Time Management

September 11, 2012
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Time management is a crucial skill for internet marketers – as for anyone else who is in business. But with internet marketing time management takes on extra urgency because so many people are failing at it. Part of the problem is a lack of time management skills but for most, an equal problem is not having a good plan to follow.

But it’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing: if your time management is not up to scratch, it’s hard to be successful even if you have a good plan.

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Broadcast Content To Multiple Channels

February 11, 2012

Because I love systems, and being systematic, I am always spending time working out how to cross-post contents efficiently. The trouble is, it’s very time-consuming working out how to do this stuff, so I tend to do it at the weekend. I love Saturdays. I fiddle around with my Internet marketing work including doing whatever […]

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HeyMalc “Get Organised Now” System

December 4, 2011

Organise Your Internet Marketing Work Internet marketing is complicated. So organising your work is a vital activity – which is not much talked about. Well, HeyMalc members, in a survey, said this was a definite issue for them, so I started brainstorming. I was shocked – after the exercise – at how much there was […]

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Spend Your Time On Money-Making

June 22, 2011

I spend all day internet marketing and I still have some days where I don’t seem to get much done. So I really empathize with you if you are only part-time: you time with IM is just so precious. You have to make the most of it. Something which has worked for me is this. […]

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Avoid Email Bloat – Save 30 Minutes A Day

March 8, 2011
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Save half an hour a day – use this method to triage your email in Outlook, Gmail and other programs. This is a great use of time.

To avoid “email bloat”, users of Outlook, Gmail, and most other email clients can use this method to quickly clear out all the rubbish which bloats all our email accounts. You can also use this method with any other email solution which 1. Lets you have rules and 2. Lets you create a second Inbox – or a sub folder in your Inbox.

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