Survey Results 2014

Survey Results 2014

by on 01/04/2014

Survey Results
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I asked for feedback from my list members about how I was doing. It’s always good to know how things are going, what you want, and what you think of what I am doing at the present time.

The thing is, you are my audience and I want to know what you want in case I can give you something more focused on your needs.

As I explained in a previous email, I am focusing HeyMalc on four major topics;

  • Time management
  • Internet marketing tools
  • Internet marketing – in general (eg, hosting, email marketing, etc)
  • Money-Making systems

The thing is, I have many interests – but you shouldn’t try to do everything! So I have set out to limit myself.

Survey Results

The feedback was, that generally most people like what I am doing already.

“Hello Malc.  Your emails are always interesting…”

“Hi Malc, Excellent stuff, keep them coming…. Thank you ”

“Hello Malc. Yes, all great stuff, very informative, thanks.”

” I would like to say “keep up the good work”. I personally find your posts very informative, engaging and humorous.  They are detailed and very well written.”


One specific suggestion was that I offer mentoring:

“Also I know you offer money making systems but how about offering a 1-1  mentoring programme.  We all need a mentor.”

In other words, although I recommend other people’s money making systems, why don’t I offer some sort of mentoring service.

Well, I would be up for this, but I would not do it cheaply, because first it doesn’t make sense financially for me, and secondly for every doubling in price, the commitment of the person who pays also doubles!

In other words, if you charge more, your client is more likely to get results. And any mentor wants their client to get results.

I know this seems a bit unfair, but it is a fact.

So I’ll think about that and maybe put a page up on HeyMalc soon.

More suggestions

I am happy to receive suggestions for the type of content I should produce. After all, you are reading it and I want you to keep reading it!

So if my topic choices do not suit you, or maybe my style is not quite what you would like then give me feedback.

Time Management

In the meantime, I am working very hard on my time management content.

Time management is something I have been trying to perfect for 25 years or so. Unfortunately, it’s really tricky!

That’s why I was so pleased to discover that Evernote combined with my favourite time management system – David Allen’s Getting Things Done – was such a terrific combination.

I’ve blogged about it here.

I think that probably this is the thing I like writing about the most. And it is certainly very popular – just about everyone seems to want to improve their time management.

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