Super Suggester – Brilliant Keyword Research Tool

Super Suggester – Brilliant Keyword Research Tool

by on 26/09/2013

The best keyword research tool I have every used
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Super Suggester is a brilliant keyword research tool. A keyword research tool is the essential starting point for any web page you create. If you are going to bother writing content on the Internet then why wouldn’t you optimise it for a keyword phrase which it is possible you could rank for?

Finding a keyword phrase which hasn’t already been completely dominated is crucial. And doing it quickly is also pretty crucial.

The ideal approach is to do bulk research – find eight or 10 keywords which haven’t already being completely dominated and make a note of them. Then, whenever you create an article on that topic you’ve got your list of keywords ready to choose from.

“Super Suggester” Keyword Research Tool

My best recent discovery is called Super Suggester. This is a fantastic keyword research tool which has enhanced my already brilliant (though I say it myself) keyword research method:

Thanks to a recommendation from back linking and Google expert Jacob King.

…I have been using Super Suggester for a couple of weeks now to brilliant effect.

 What Super Suggester Does

It was a revelation when I discovered that Google Keywords Planner (the old Google Keywords Tool) heavily filtered the search results it gave you for any search term. This was highlighted when I did a search for the term “buy” and it came up with only 600 results for the last month.

That is totally unbelievable – they are saying that only 600 people used to search term including the word by in the last month. That’s crazy.

The reason? As I said, they filter your results.

Clearly, this is to cut down on reverse engineering by marketers – otherwise those in the know would too easily be able to discover all the keywords people are searching on and clean up.

Google’s plan is to try and keep most people fairly well in the dark.

So, remember that figure – 600 search results for the month, for phrases including the word “buy”.

Enter Super Suggester

Having installed Super Suggester (the work of a few minutes) I could enter the keyword “buy” and in five minutes I had 7000 keywords.

That’s 7000 keywords including the word “buy” during the last month.

Now that is more believable! And it gives me more than 10 times the number of search phrases to work with.

If you don’t realise the absolute brilliance of this – then please bear with me for a minute.

Now, Search Volume is Needed

Now you need to get the search volume for those keywords. You can do this using Google Keywords Planner – just paste them into the planner 200 at a time (Google’s maximum).

Or, be a bright marketer 😉 and use, instead, market Samurai – the free version will do. That lets you put in 1000 or more keywords at a time.

Anyway, using either tool you then come up with the search volume estimates (which are “guesstimates” – but they are a guide).

Now you can sort your keywords into order by search volume and then go through them one by one marking the ones you fancy.

And you will have a list of potential keywords to rank your pages for which is 10 times bigger than it would have been by just using Google keywords planner.

Job done!

My Main Keyword Research Tool

Super Suggester has become my major keyword research tool in a very short time. It is stunningly fantastic, not to overstate the case. It is easy to use, quick to use, and does one job really brilliantly.

It also has a time of excellent video tutorials which the creator has made.

It’s a huge bargain – and I have already had my money’s worth!

Forget all the complicated tools out there – Market Samurai, WordTracker, Micro Niche Finder et cetera – they are all pretty much a waste of time.

All you need is Super Suggester to create a massive list of potential keywords, and then another tool to give you search volumes. This can be either the Google Keyword Planner (the small numbers of keywords) or Market Samurai which will do this for you 1000 at a time in the free version.

Post Update Coming

I will be updating my keyword research video on this page to include the use of Super Suggester – but you’ve got the head start now – enjoy!

This is top of the toolbox of my keyword research tools. It’s really simple software to use after a couple of goes but if you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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