Stop reading sales pages!

Stop reading sales pages!

by on 25/02/2014

Stop reading sales pages
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If you have been into internet marketing for any length of time you will have found yourself spending time reading sales pages – which you have later regretted.

You may regret it because the purchase was just not appropriate for you. Or you may regret it because you bought the product – which turned out to be rubbish or maybe you still haven’t got around to using it!

We’ve all found we read sales pages too often: and, yes – it’s annoying.

But how do you stop it? It’s tricky.

Understand the Psychology

It might help you to resist if you understand some of the psychology!

About 2% of Internet marketers have become extremely good at pressing the other 98%’s “hot buttons” and persuading people who want to “make-money-online” to read sales pages they have created.

These guys – headed up by big, big marketers – generate millions of dollars a year by selling products which may or may not be good, but many of which end up in the hands of people for whom they are inappropriate.

Yes, there is much garbage around. But there is also misleading selling of products which might be OK – just not for you.

For example, let’s say that to make money online you need a system including parts A, B, C, D and E. Why buy something that only does part C?

Of course, the sales page will never tell you that it is only “part C”, because that would reduce sales.

So off you go buying products and reading sales pages and reading e-mails about things which are usually completely useless.

If you really don’t know how to make money online then it’s best to copy somebody else. (Tweet this)

Stand On the Shoulders of Others

Trying to develop your own system, or believing the sales pages you read, is a pretty sure plan – to fail repeatedly.

If you really don’t know how to make money online then it’s best to copy somebody else.

So stop reading sales pages and go and buy a complete system to make money which has a good reputation and a good chance of working for you.

Concentrate on working that system to the exclusion of all else. This is a much more successful approach to making money online. A good place to start is by using one of my recommended money-making systems. These are not my own, but I have investigated them thoroughly and recommend them all.

Choose the one you like the look of.

The HeyMalc Bullshit Detector

If you do find yourself on a sales page, then apply the teachings of “The HeyMalc Bullshit Detector”!

This is my way of highlighting the red flags which will normally tell you that a sales page is rubbish.

If you find one of these, be cautious. If you find two – close that page down immediately!

The HeyMalc Bullshit Detector (patent applied for 😉 ) has five tests, or red warning flags. Check for all of them often enough and it will become automatic for you.

The first three tests are usually enough.

1.      A “blind” sales page or sales video.

A “blind” sales page (an insider term) means, simply, sales page or video which never actually spell out what the product does.

This is a huge red flag. Why? Because punters are much more likely to buy on the promise of success when what needs to be done is unspecified.

Get this in your head and don’t forget it: a blind sales page, or sales video, is for mugs, for the gullible. If you see a blind sales page or video, you are being duped. Close the page (and ignore the inevitable downsell).

They are laughing at you behind your back. Laugh back: close that page.

2.      Outlandish claims

These will be mainly around either the level of earnings for the amount of work required.

For example, you will see:

“You can earn $(insert large amount here)”

“It’s so easy anyone can do it”

These are generally, but not always, red flags. 1. Above is more likely to be a red flag if it is accompanied by pictures of ClickBank earnings. (Those pictures “proving” what they earned.”

The larger the earnings, the redder the red flag. The more screenshots of ClickBank earnings, the more worrying is the sales page.

I think “make-money-onliners” think to themselves: “If I don’t earn the million dollars they promise, even if I only earn 10% of that, that is still $100,000″.

But it’s more likely to be $0. You know it’s true!

Another variation on this theme is, software which can be useful for a few people, but it is presented as if it will benefit the newbie, when it won’t.

For example, I have seen:

“This keyword research software will make it easy as pie to choose the keywords which will make you money easily”.

That’s rubbish: you simply just cannot make money easily in internet marketing. End of story. It’s exaggeration – don’t fall for it.

3.      “Anyone Can Do It”

This is in a similar category to the above point. “Anyone can do it”… is a slightly worrying, and oft-repeated claim.

The more extreme the claim, the more worrying it is. You quite often see: “You can do it – even if you are brand-new to the Internet”.

This is rarely, if ever, true.

Run a mile. Sales copy bullshit. If they lie on that one, how can you trust them?

“Even my Granny made money on this one”. Okay, possibly, just possibly, give them the benefit of the doubt. But I’d want to talk to the Granny first 😉

If you must, try it for a week and if you haven’t made money refund immediately.

But it’s usually best to cut your losses and save your time – quit the page and unsubscribe from their e-mails.

4.      Very high prices

You probably don’t want to be spending large amounts of money on a product. Especially if you are not getting a complete system to help you get established.

What is a high price? Well, definitely the $1,997 you can see around the place. And also the $997 price tag. And probably the $497 price point.

Unless you got a specific purpose for getting something and it fits into your plans exactly, then you don’t often need to be paying over $250. You might be surprised how many people do.

(Which makes people like Frank Kern and Mike Filsaime very wealthy.)

This doesn’t mean that anything at lower prices is good value and worth it. But it does mean that a high price is a red flag – so be cautious.

5.       “Review” on Google

It is always worth following the simple expedient of Googling the product you are thinking of buying and getting feedback.

There are two types of feedback on products. The first type you can safely ignore. These are the affiliate review sites, who are just trying to sell the product. For the most part they will know little more than you do. You will soon get to recognise these sites and ignore them.

Some of the other comments you will find will probably be more “real”. For example, they may be comments on forums where people are chatting to each other about the product and how good it is – or isn’t.

Try Googling

If checking out the product, I often Google:

product name + WarriorForum.

Basically, the Warrior Forum often “calls out” people selling rubbish. In other words, they criticise them directly.

If you find a review on Warrior, or a thread about the product, it may well have some good feedback in it. Just bear in mind that a lot of people commenting on warrior are also clueless so don’t take what you read there as gospel.

Remember, you are learning to be more discerning when you read sales pages. Check it out and see what you think. The first time trying to see through the mis-representations can be confusing; the sixth time, you will be much better at it.

Get On Their Email List

A final, additional, way to check out the product is to get on the vendors email list.

If the vendor is repeatedly banging out emails about products which raise red flags from the “HeyMalc bullshit detector” then they need to be history.

Bail immediately! Don’t buy a product off them.

C’mon now – they have clearly not got your best interests at heart.

Delete. Erase. Unsubscribe. And move on.

Choose a Well-Tried System

Choosing a well tried, and recommended, system is the best way to make money online for most people.

Products like Google Sniper 2.0The Chris Farrell Membership and Rob Cornish’s Gain Higher Ground are three products which have integrity and get many people results.

Read my full list of recommended systems here.

Stop Reading Sales Pages

You really are on a hiding to nothing reading every sales page that comes along.

You are wasting your time and likely to be persuaded to spend some of your hard earned cash for a useless product.

Very occasionally, it’s useful to buy a particular product to help you work your system better. But this is a rarity.

I would say that of all the products I bought online over the years, a stunning 95% of them have been either useless or inappropriate for me at the time – I just haven’t used them as I had anticipated.

Some of these have been decent products – but I didn’t use them either because the sales page “bigged up” the product or because I got distracted on to other projects.

Reading sales pages is usually a waste of your time. Choose a solid system and spend the time you would have spent reading sales pages applying your system. This is a solid route to success.

What Else Holds People Back From Making Money?

Read on HeyMalc about two other major factors which hold people back from making money – procrastination  and email management.

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