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Spend Your Time On Money-Making

by on 22/06/2011

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Digital timer

Digital timer

I spend all day internet marketing and I still have some days where I don’t seem to get much done. So I really empathize with you if you are only part-time: you time with IM is just so precious. You have to make the most of it.

Something which has worked for me is this.


It’s easy to persuade yourself that reading about that next internet marketing product, or reinstalling a computer program, or checking out facebook, or tidying your desk…. or whatever it is you spend you time on, is important to do.

The thing is, the only important thing to do with your IM time is: make money.

After that, it becomes easier. (Not easy – but easier lol )

So, when you sit down to do your IM work, forget the ‘maintenance’ tasks. Launch into the tasks you have identified which will make you money. It is surprising just how many of those ‘maintenance’ tasks will look after themselves.

Timing Yourself Is A Big Help

And use a timer or a stopwatch. Make sure you spend serious chunks of time on the tasks you have identified as being high-value – in terms of earning you money. And timing yourself can really help to keep you on track. Set it for an hour or two – and stop it if you have any interruptions. It’s amazing just how focused this can keep you.

Keep focused on the tasks which are actually going to make you money.

How Do You Make Money – Exactly?

Not sure how exactly to make money? Then follow a system to do exactly that.

There are some great ones on Warrior Forum. Here is one:

This is a Warrior Special Offer (a WSO – usually these are high quality, low price and low-hype products) talking you through a realistic method of setting up sites and making money out of them. I have been Skyping with the creator, Simon, and he is a genuine guy with real knowledge. I KNOW he knows what he is talking about. And he is simply not a hypey guy – very down to earth.

So if you have not got a clear money-making system which you are working on with your internet marketing time, check out Simon’s product for creating sites fast, and making money out of them. It’s a goodie.

And do keep focused – and do the IMPORTANT stuff first – the stuff that makes you money!

BTW – If you have your money-making method in place, and want to know how to get cheap traffic – not free, but cheap (really cheap) and to get it quickly, do check out another WSO (cheap, excellent quality…) this time from Mark and James:

This course is full of great content and brilliant ideas for getting traffic – at the sort of prices you used to be able to when Google Adwords started up – I mean 2-5 cents a click (instead of a dollar and up, as it is now).

What is covered, is various methods of getting traffic which hardly anyone is using – so you can get in while they are still cheap. Now, folks, if you have a sales process when you know you earn, perhaps, $25 for every 100 visitors you send to a certain page, then it’s clearly worth, say, 5 cents per visitor to send more there – that’s only $5 for sending 100 visitors to your page.

This makes enormous sense. Spend $5 to earn $25?? How many times would you do that?

So, if – or when – you have any money-making page, check out this product – I love it a lot.


A system for making money:

Get cheap – very cheap – traffic, on demand:

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  • Alan

    Hey malc you recently sent me an email with regard to media traffic meltdown. However I already have the quatum click method and wondered is this the same system that is included in this course as it seems to be the same person

    Best regards Alan

    • Hi Alan

      I have both. I like both!

      Quantum Click is a bunch of random method of getting free traffic which are great, and well explained.

      Media Buys are where the big boys play. They have the chance of, once you have identified a good traffic source – good ad copy, size, graphic etc – really hammering it to maximise your income.

      Media buys will always work – whereas the methods in QC will wane in time.

      Also, they look like they are from the same people, but that’s only the distribution. Some American guy has made the videos who clearly has a lot of experience with Media buys.





      Fluff-Free Internet Marketing

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