Simple GTD Workflow

Simple GTD Workflow

by on 23/04/2014

Simple GTD Workflow
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Here’s a simple GTD workflow – “GTD” stands for Getting Things Done.

I published a comprehensive post last week telling you: “What is GTD?”

One of the problems with Getting Things Done is that it’s a bit hard to get your head around the process – especially when referencing David Allen’s workflow chart.

You really have to go through the GTD system while repeatedly checking the chart.

The complete GTD Workflow consists, according to creator David Allen, of 5 steps: Collect, Process, Organize, Review and Do.

I think that one of the causes of confusion with the GTD system is that the “Process” and the “Organize” parts overlap so much. (It was so for me.) It’s especially confusing as these two steps are carried out simultaneously.

I can understand that David Allen separates them because he emphasises the importance of the decision question: “Is it actionable”, every time you are looking at the next item you are tidying up (“processing”). This might be to get it out of your in tray, out of your inbox, off your desk or even out of your head.

In my comprehensive: “What is GTD?” post*, I included a comprehensive chart! So, as a simple chart might be useful to give you a different view, that is what I’m publishing today.


You really shouldn’t worry over-much about understanding the GTD workflow. That comes as you use it.

It’s really not as complex as some people find it, if you focus on tasks. Everything actionable breaks down into tasks and the whole aim of GTD is to manage those small tasks efficiently. Do this and, hopefully, you will find out how simple GTD can be.

My Evernote/GTD System

I apply the GTD system by using Evernote; I find this most efficient way. You can read my post here exactly how I combine Evernote and the GTD system.

Do check out the GTD workflow I present here in simplified form and when you are ready for the more complex version. Read my comprehensive post telling you what GTD is.

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