A Solid SEO Training

A Solid SEO Training

by on 25/06/2014

Review of: SEO Enigma
SEO Enigma Review

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On 25/06/2014
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A thorough "how to get traffic" primer – SEO 101, if you like. Includes many bonuses including a great training on FaceBook ads by Ben Adkins (itself selling for $47 elsewhere).

SEO Enigma Review

Whenever you build a website you need to get visitors to come to it. Whatever you are selling the better you get at getting traffic to your site, the more money you will make and the more successful you will be.

Good search engine optimisation (SEO) is when your site takes account of good page structure, optimised page content (on page SEO), strong backlinks to your site (off page SEO), all the while having good content the people were want to read. Enter SEO Enigma review.

Jon Shawcross has a global SEO business, ranking businesses from the UK to New Zealand to America on the first page of Google.

He can teach you a lot: and he does in the product SEO Enigma.

SEO Enigma consists of 10 modules each with a video and a PDF. The step-by-step training is very user friendly and thorough. The modules include:

  • Keyword research
  • Structuring your site
  • On-site and off-site optimisation
  • Social signals
  • Google after the Panda update
  • Mobile SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google analytics
  • Creating quality content
  • Link building for 2014 – and beyond

In total, there are over eight hours of video – 50 videos.

250X250Over the Shoulder Case Study

There is an opportunity to buy a three video case study, where John ranks for a keyword on page 1 of Google in 48 hours.

A Pageful of Bonuses

Once you get into the members area of SEO Enigma to watch or download your product, you will find there are over 20 free bonus products from other vendors. These are on the topics of product launches, getting traffic from video and other traffic methods.

Free “Facebook Ads” Training

But the bonus I LOVE is Ben Adkins’ Evil FB Magician.

This is a brilliant training on how to do Facebook ads. If you feel a bit clueless about advertising on Facebook, this is a brilliant series of trainings – one large PDF and 16 videos. I promise you that after watching this training you will be fully up to speed with Facebook ads. (I was 🙂 )

Get to Grips With SEO

If you feel all at sea sometimes with SEO, then you need somebody who can explain it to you in a step-by-step way. SEO Enigma is that course!

Here are some of Jon’s testimonials:

“I don’t understand how optimisation works, but I do understand that we are now on the first page of Google for all our keywords. In fact, our business has increased fourfold because of this, and I’m now having to turn enquiries away because we are booked solid.”

“Jon redesigned our new company website and carried out an SEO campaign on it also. We have noticed a huge jump in new business and traffic to our website is up 600% on 12 months ago.”

“Jon Shawcross offers a superb service. He has increased our traffic by over 400%. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

I think you’ll agree that Jon’s SEO Enigma has to be worth getting hold of. It will give you many of the tools you need to set up the structure of your website effectively and to get consistent traffic to it. If you want the basics laid out for you very comprehensively, this is the product for you.

And if you want to get a brilliant Facebook Ads training free from the members’ area, that’s another reason to get SEO Enigma. (FB Magician is retailing right now for $47!)