Save More Time – by Making Roboform Your Home Page

Save More Time With Roboform Home Page

by on 29/06/2013

Roboform home page
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Do you use RoboForm to securely store your logins? If you do, you might like to save more time – by using the feature to make RoboForm your browser homepage.

How does this help you?

Well, it means when you open your browser – or any other time you want to click on your Roboform home page tab – you will have 10, 15 or 20 of your favourite logins displayed as well as 5 or 10 of your most recently used login pages.

You can choose the numbers that suit you.

Here is the Roboform “home page tutorial” which shows you how to easily set it up. Once you have set up it is a simple matter to add to or remove items from your Roboform home page.

(Oh – warning: I found the woman’s squeaky voice annoying 😉 – but thankfully I “got over it” – haha.)

This will definitely be a time-saving feature for you. Personally, I have my browser set up so when it opens it displays two pages; my Only2Clicks page and my RoboForm page. This way, whenever I want to login to a site these 2 pages are only one click away.

(In Firefox, do this by loading the two pages in two tabs, then navigate to Tools/Options/General/ and click the ”Use Current Pages” button.)

If there are only a few sites you go to any time (and surely that’s not many of us?) then this won’t help you so much.

But if you are like me and you like to have tons of tabs open, and you might visit 10 or even 20 or more websites in any given hour of the day, then using the RoboForm homepage – as well as Only2Clicks – is going to save you time – loads of time.

only2clicks-w250-h250Save More Time with Only2Clicks

Now I have mentioned it – you do know about how Only2Clicks can save you more time, don’t you??

Years ago I used to use bookmarks to keep track of the scores of pages I want to remember. Then I moved on to using – because the search feature was better. Then came Only2Clicks.

Only2Clicks gives you a personal home page which you can personalise to your heart’s content. You do that by creating categories – clickable tabs – for the websites you have decided to save for later retrieval. For example, you might have; Design, Software support, Finance, Forums to post in… and so on.

Once you have your categories, then when you are on any page you want to remember simply click the “Add to Only2Clicks” boomkark button, select a category, and that webpage is added to your Only2Clicks page in that category.

Now, whenever you want to visit one of your stored websites you go to your Only2Clicks personal page, click on the category when you stored the page, click on the page and you are taken straight there. (OK – that was three clicks 😐 – it’s still quick and easy.)

When you want to make money online step one is to have a plan which will definitely work to make you money. That’s a given. Step two is to manage your time effectively while you work your plan. Only2Clicks, and now the RoboForm homepage, are 2 ways to make navigating your way around the Internet super-organised and efficient. I suggest you save time by using these two methods as I do.

Do you use Only2Clicks and the Roboform Home Page already? How do you find them? Or have you got any better ideas for navigating your way around the internet?

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