Russell Brand and MSNBC – Brand Takes Over!

Russell Brand and MSNBC – Brand Takes Over!

by on 18/06/2013

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Russell Brand on MSNBC Hey Joe morning show yesterday was hilarious. He is being interviewed by Mika Brzezinski about his new comedy tour, the Messiah Complex.

Check out the video – jump to four minutes in if you are in a hurry to see him take over the show.

This is one funny man. He keeps asking presenter, Brzezinski : “Why are you nervous? There is no need to be nervous…”

At the end she is holding a bottle with both hands and he asks her why is she doing that when she is looking at him? The phallic inference is obviously not lost on poor Brzezinski who is clearly out of her depth dealing with this British “nutcase”.

Russell Brand won’t be on MSNBC again any time soon, I suspect! Do catch the show – the Messiah Complex – it’s going to be very funny.

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