Inspyder Backlink Monitor Review

Inspyder Backlink Monitor Review

by on 23/05/2013

Inspyder Backlinks Monitor Review

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On 23/05/2013
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A unique tool for checking the features of any backlinks - are they live, the anchor text, PR and whether indexed. It also recognises "tiered linking structures" on autopilot - essential software if you are building backlinks to backlinks.

This Inspyder Backlink Monitor review gets you familiar with a very useful tool to have in your SEO arsenal.

You can copy and paste any URLs into Inspyder Backlink Monitor and it will tell you very quickly where it links to, how many outbound links it has, the domain and the page rank and even whether or not it’s indexed. All the detective work you need to let you analyse any backinks.

But there is more…

Inspyder Backlink Monitor Review

Inspyder is particularly a boon if you are doing tiered link building because after pasting in your long list of backlinks, Inspyder Backlinks Monitor works out which is your money site, which your tier 1 links, and which are your tier 2 links, tier 3 links et cetera. (Of course, tier 2 links always point to tier 1 sites; and tier 1 links always point your money page.)

Beyond this, Inspyder Backlink Monitor will show you the anchor text of each of your links so you can quickly assess whether your links are making a natural pattern or not. In other words, you need a lot of “naked” links such as “your”, or “click here”, to balance up your links with anchor text. And the anchor text itself needs to be mixed up – otherwise Google can easily detect efforts to manipulate the toip ten rankings.

There are various ways you can use Inspyder Backlink Monitor. For example, if you identify that a bunch of your tier one or tier 2 links are not indexed you can isolate these, output them, make sure they are indexed – either by running them through scrape box, or converting them to an RSS feed and submitting this to a few RSS directories.

Then you can recheck in a few weeks and repeat the process with the URLs that are still not indexed.

Inspyder Backlink Monitor ReviewAged Domains

Another point to cover in this Inspyder Backlink Monitor review is if you are buying an expired domain with some age on it which is supposed to have a good PR – made you’ve found one with a PR 4 or 5. Well maybe your back link checker tells you that you have 10, or 20, or 50, or 100 back links to that domain. (For this analysis you’re best off using Ahrefs (the best), Majestic SEO, or SEO Spyglass.)

Now you need to find out if those back links actually have any value – because it’s common to find they are rigged.

Inspyder Backlink Monitor to the rescue!

Paste in the list of back links you’ve got from Ahrefs etc and Inspyder goes to work analysing all those back links. You can now pick out the ones of the highest quality and actually go and inspect those sites to make sure their genuine.

(Scammers will set up fake back links to artificially boost the PR (“page rank”) of the URL of a domain they are selling for a short period of time and then switch the back links once it is sold – and bang goes the PR.)

But if you actually go and inspect the back links it’s rare they’ll put in the time and trouble to make them look really genuine. So from a quick visual inspection you can usually pick out the fakes.

So Inspyder Backlink Monitor is a really useful piece of software which will inspect backlinks and tell you all the features of them very quickly, very simply and the software is just a one-off fee. No monthlies!

And if you are using tiered link building at all (this is the sort of thing that SENuke and other software try to do on autopiloInspyder Backlink Monitor Reviewt for you but not really that successfully) then Inspyder Backlink Monitor is absolutely essential – and will save you a ton of time.

I hope that you can see from this Inspyder Backlink Monitor review that it is a unique bit of kit for analysing your backlinks. It does it in a way no other software does. And is particularly useful if you are backlinking to sites which are backlinking to your money sites (“tiered link-building”) and want to track this.