Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell Membership Review

by on 29/10/2013

Chris Farrell Membership review

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On 29/10/2013
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This is the "Top money making system" on IM Report Card. Chris has made over 1,000 training videos and spends tons of time helping his members. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This Chris Farrell Membership review will try and explain the wide appeal of Chris Farrell and his popularity with his members.

Chris has a relaxed, encouraging style which is very appealing. That Chris’s membership is very popular  can be seen from his unsurpassed rankings on IM Report Card – both number 1 for: “Top Rated Service”, and: “Top Rated People”. Impressive! And it’s a deserved ranking.

Chris Farrell has hundreds of videos on his site – in fact, when I last checked it was over 1000.

Chris often appears on a sofa – and with one or more of his dogs – yes, he has a relaxed style. His training is very comprehensive and lets you know that YOU can make it – just as he did.

If anyone can help you to be successful online – it’s Chris. He’s a British guy who has now relocated to California.

Here are the pros and cons of the Chris Farrell Membership:


  • Reasonable monthly cost
  • Over 1000 training videos
  • Very systematic training – from the ground up
  • Chris is very friendly and helpful
  • He is often in the forum answering questions


  • None.


“What can I say? Best program ever! I have been at this for about a year & half now & this is the first course that actually delivers. You will have an online business by the time you finish the 21 days of success. Over that year & half I have spent an embarrissing amount of money on products that didn’t work. All of them were just useless. I was about to give up… then I stumbled on this course & I thought I will give this affiliate marketing thing one more shot. I am so glad I did. I now have an online business & yes it is successful. Thanks Chris, you ROCK!”


“This is the Best Program to help you learn and understand things on the web etc… I’m Amazed that someone would take that much time out of his daily life to help others learn and understand how to make webpages and how to work and that is step by step! His videos are really Great too, they show you exactly how to do the things you need to do to succeed.”

The Chris Farrell Membership is a Keeeper!

If you are ready to stop being distracted by everything else (sales letters, “guru” emails, et cetera) and really focus on one programme then the Chris Farrell membership is for you.

Once inside, Chris makes you feel really at home and most people find his friendly and approachable style attractive.

Follow Chris’s recommended methods rigourously, making sure that once you understand something, you spend 80% of your time applying it. DON’T spend 80% of your time studying forever – or you’ll never make money.

Yes, my Chris Farrell Membership review is very positive: because I think it offers you exactly what you need IF you have trouble staying focused. It’s much easier if you can follow a reliable strategy from a trustworthy person.

There’s a Great Forum

Whenever you come across problems go to the included forum.

First of all, search for your problem as it has probably been discussed already and you look a bit of a twit if someone says: “We’ve already talked about this ten times…”. So check first.

And if you can’t find your problem being talked about then post a question yourself. It’s always worth adding: “I have searched the forum and can’t find anything…”, if this is the case.

The Guarantee

If you just don’t take to the membership for any reason then you have 60 days to try out the programme to make sure you like it. That’s the length of the guarantee.

If you are able to add anything to this Chris Farrell Membership review – good or bad – please add to the comments below.