REVIEW How You Are Making Money Online

REVIEW How You Are Making Money Online

by on 24/12/2013

Review how you are making money online
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REVIEW How You Are Making Money Online

Are you making money online? It’s good to have a regular review, maybe every few months, of exactly how successful you are being.

  • First of all, is your method working?
  • And is your monthly income increasing every month?
  • Does your approach allow you to leverage your time – to make an increasing amount of money with the same time input?
  • Are you enjoying what you are doing?

I suggest you take an hour or so and review these, and any other questions you might think of, at your review session.

Three Major Problems Making Money Online

I have found that people who are unhappy with their level of earning money online fall into three main categories:

Category 1. People who have started very recently, are confused, and who don’t really know where to begin.

Category 2. People who have been working their socks off on various methods for ages, but are still making making little money online.

Category 3. People who are earning online money, but it’s not enough to satisfy them: and it’s taking them all their time.

Here are some resources to help you maximise your benefits from online money-making!

First, keep my recommended money-making systems as a reference:

HeyMalc Recommended Money-Making Systems

I have talked in my last few emails about some of the money-making systems I like, and I recommend. The reason I like them is because they give you a solid roadmap to success.

Following such a roadmap and ignoring distractions – such as emails and sales letters – makes it much more likely that you’ll be successful.

I list all my recommended programs on this page. Whenever I come across a new one I will be adding it to the same page.

Now, how about the tools you use for making money online?

HeyMalc’s Best Internet Marketing Tools

I have a page on my blog listing over 150 “Best Internet Marketing Tools“. These are the tools I use all the time to run my business.

I love finding new tools: so I have shared the very best here – to save you time and get you more efficient.

Some of these tools are free: some are paid-for. Where possible I give you both options.

They are divided into various categories including:

So, check those tools out and they will definitely help you be more efficient with your time.

The third way to help you with making money online is with better time management.

Good Time Management

One final way in which everyone says they need help is: time management.

Most especially in internet marketing, it seems very easy to feel at the end of the day that you been wasting too much time – and getting nowhere. I expect you’ve had that feeling!

It helps if you have a good sytem for managing your time.

I have tried every time management system going; and the problem with most of them, I have found, is that they takes you too much darn time just to operate the system!

If you have to keep fiddling about changing the priorities of your tasks, or move them from list to list it can become very time-consuming – and even confusing.

Evernote and “Getting Things Done”

For me, the difference came when I started using Evernote to apply the best time management system in the world – David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

Using my system it’s the work of a second to change the priority or status of a task – which keeps my do-do list bang up-to-date.

I describe how I manage my time with Evernote and GTD (Getting Things Done) in this post.

If you read it through I think you’ll get some tips. And if you already use Evernote you will appreciate this way of managing your time.

Another great advantage of Evernote is that it’s available on every device – so I always have it with me whether on the desktop, smart phone, or tablet.

Back to the Three Categories

So, back to the three categories of people I identified earlier and where each one is, in terms of making money online.

Category 1. People who have started very recently, are confused, and who don’t really know where to begin.

Category 2. People who have been working their socks off on various methods for ages, but are still making little or no monthly income

Category 3. People who are earning money, but it’s not enough to satisfy them: and it’s taking them all their time.

Category 1 People

Category 1 people can do no better than to choose a proven money making system from “the best of the best” which I recommend. Then stick with it, stop reading emails and sales pages, and focus all your time on that system.

My current top recommended system is Google Sniper 2.0, because it’s so easy to apply if you follow the blueprint provided in the upsell which consists of three, over the shoulder videos. Follow these videos and you will see precisely how to build a “sniper site”. Copy the method and you will soon be creating a new site every 3 hours or so you spend on the system.

I think it’s a very cool method.

Here’s my Google Sniper 2.0 Review

Category 2 People

Category 2 people should seriously consider starting all over again with a new, proven, method – from the ones I recommend.

I would guess that in excess of 80% of would-be Internet marketers go round and round in circles for years and not getting anywhere. And then the great majority of these just quit – which is very, very sad.

I know it takes a lot of courage to throw away what you are doing and start on a completely new approach. But the statistics are pretty clear; during two or three years of not getting anywhere Internet marketers will follow 15, 20 or more blind alleys in their attempts to find the golden method.

It can be better to just choose one proven method and stick to it – and you will have the benefit of being able to use all that you have learned in those two or three years and channelling that into your new, chosen method.

Once again, the difficulty is; focus. It takes real discipline to spend 80% or more of your time on your chosen method. Which means taking action to set up sites which are going to make money for you.

Not simply thinking about it.

Not just planning it.

And definitely not reading sales pages!

Category 3 People

This is slightly more complicated because if you are already making money with a method it might be that if you approached things differently you could leverage what you are doing to multiply your income. To assess that really takes the input of some sort of mentor or coach. This can be expensive!

The last mentor I had, I paid $25k! (There are cheaper ones, haha!)

The trouble is, choosing a mentor is difficult. You can’t just go on price – you can pay a lot of money and still get someone who is not much good for you. On the other hand you can pay much less money and you might get someone who is just the job.

The trouble is, you don’t really know until down the line and look back and then you can say whether the mentoring was good value or not.

It is tricky 😐

If I can help with how to leverage your existing method, I’d be pleased to give you the benefit of my opinion.

Either hit reply and email me or contact me through the comments on my blog, or Facebook, Twitter, or Google plus.

But it might be you have a sneaking feeling that your method is not really suitable for the long term – or for leveraging. In which case may be you, too, should consider using one of my recommended money-making methods.

The great thing about the methods I recommend is that they all will build you up a growing monthly income. That’s what we call “passive income”! In other words, if you go on holiday you still earn money. Yay!

A Regular Review of Making Money Online

It’s a great thing to sit down and review how your online money-making efforts are going. Certainly once a year: maybe more often – maybe quarterly, or even monthly.

Then be open to changing your approach if it’s appropriate.

Following a decent money-making system with a track record is a powerful way of leveraging someone else’s effort: standing on the shoulders of others. My recommended money-making systems are listed here.

Knowing which tools to use to achieve what you want is very helpful. My 150 Best Internet Marketing Tools are here.

And managing your time well is vital to your success. After all, if you squeeze another 10 or 15% of results out of your day, that a ton of money over the next few years. Here’s how I use Evernote and Getting Things Done to manage my time.

Please undergo a good review of making money online and how that is working for you. And do let me have any queries or comments – or your own ideas of how you, or others, could do this even better.

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