Procrastination Help – Tips For Conquering It (2)

Procrastination Help – Tips For Conquering It (2)

by on 28/11/2013

Procrastination Help - fear of success
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To conquer procrastination help yourself by understanding fear of success.

Fear of success sounds a contradiction but it does afflict many of us – often at a subconscious level.

Have you noticed that when you reached success – success in anything – you tend to undermine yourself and take away that success?

Have you ever noticed feelings of unworthiness when you are successful at something?

Or perhaps you have sometimes felt guilt if you have really achieved something – as if you don’t deserve it?

If so, this is fear of success in action. And, in these circumstances, to avoid procrastination help yourself by avoiding negative influences.

Negative Influences Are Powerful

Unfortunately, we are all subject to many negative influences. Because of envy, fear, or other negative emotions, our friends and family can sometimes drag us down when we have had a success. If it’s repeat, this can train us to drag ourselves down in the future.

Repeat this and it can be become habit – a bad habit.

It Might Happen More in the UK

Fear of being successful can happen in any country and any society. However it is more prevalent, I have noticed, in the UK than it is in the US for example. From this side of the pond it seems that failure is more readily accepted and embraced in America than in the UK.

However, this is only a generalisation – there are many people I know in the UK who do encourage success; and it should be our mission to seek them out and associate with these positive people. And set out to ignore people who often bring us down. Not through any fault of their own, perhaps; maybe they were regularly “brought down” during their formative years and they are passing it on.

Be more aware of what people are saying; and decide who to spend more time with based on this.

If these negative influences are slowing you down and causing you to doubt yourself, you will slowly notice your procrastination diminishing as you spend less time with such people.

Reduce Proctastination: Help Your Self Image

So if you have noticed fear of success in yourself, what are some other ways you can deal with it?

  1. Positive affirmations. Write down 10 short sentences highlighting your best traits and repeat them to yourself often. Carry them around on a card with you and read them often.
  2. Remind yourself of what is good in life. One good time I like to do this is in the shower. Remind yourself of four things you love about yourself. Make sure you really feel how much you like them. Then remind yourself of three or more people you really love and three or more people who really love you. Finally, remind yourself of three things you are definitely going to do in the future that really inspire you. Now that’s a great start to the day!
  3. Associate with positive people as much as possible. You can’t always control who you are with but you can in many cases. When you can, keep associating with positive people. And if there aren’t enough of those around you then go to places where more positive people are – for example, develop a new interest such as a hobby or sport.
  4. Read positive self-help books regularly, or listen to CDs or MP3s. Some of my favourites are Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Stephen Covey.

Success is a Journey

Finally, remember that success is not a destination; it’s a journey. In other words, aim make your daily life a success – not the attainment of a particular level of income or standard of living.

The term “success” relates to your whole life – your sense of well-being and satisfaction, your family, your friends and relationships, the extent to which you help others, as well as your financial or material well-being.

To deal with procrastination, help will come if you can start to handle two big fears which hold people back; fear of failure and fear of success. If you combine this with a practical approach to overcoming procrastinating – the topic of my next article – you will be onto a winner – and procrastination will be history.

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