Post-Holiday Time Management

Post-Holiday Time Management

by on 11/09/2012

Time management after a holiday
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Time management is a crucial skill for your internet marketing career – as it is for anyone else who is in business.

However, with internet marketing time management takes on extra urgency. This is because the great majority of people trying to make a shilling with internet marketing are failing hugely: and one contributing factor is a lack of time management skills.

That’s not the only problem – the main problem for many, is the lack of a good plan to follow.  But if your time management is not up to scratch, it’s hard to be successful even if you do have a good plan.

Time Management After A Holiday

After a holiday it can be hard to get back on track straight away. That’s when you really need good time management systems.

I don’t claim to be perfect (honest!) but after a recent week’s holiday in the UK Lake District, I was back on top of things in a very short time. This included putting paid to nearly 1,000 emails. It’s really not that hard: IF you have a system.

Anyway, as I was doing it, I thought: “Why not show HeyMalc folks how I do that?”

Hopefully it will give you some ideas for organising your own time – and getting you towards making (more) money faster!


Getting Things Done Book:

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Evernote – Free to try, and it stays free until you want this internet version, which enable you to sync with devices. (I sync with iPhone, iPad. If you are an IOS user, I recommend “FastEver” app – it speeds up adding notes to Evernote nicely.)

The Secret Weapon – Which is all about using the Getting Things Done method , with the help of Evernote. (Highly recommended. Amazingly, it actually simplifies the whole thing. And, Wow, it’s free 🙂 )

Notes From The Video…

Here is a screenshot of the notes I use in making the video. OK – it’s quick and dirty! But it may help a little.

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