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Passsive Profit Portals – Introduction

by on 12/05/2011

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Passive Profit Portals

Passive Profit Portals

Passive Profit Portals: this is one of my ‘help-pages’, for customers of PPP. Joining HeyMalc Membership (free) gives full access to all posts on this site. Silver Membership – available soon, and low-cost – will also give you access to the HeyMalc Silver Forum, where we can chat one-to-one.

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Passive Profit Portals is a software launched by my pal Chris Freville. Chris wanted to deliver a product a step up from his last Stealth Profit Machines. So, having worked quite closely over the last couple of years, he drew on my own knowledge of WordPress – I have built around 100 blogs – on what he could do to develop the product to deliver more value to customers.

And, Chris being Chris, he was very open to my ideas.

Passive Profit Portals is his answer.

Is it the greatest software in history? Well… maybe not the absolute greatest.

But… it’s hardly expensive (if you don’t get too enthusiastic when you see those upsells…); and it does embrace some vital fundamental points about Internet marketing.

The primary point it embraces, is that to get free natural traffic, you do need unique posts. And the faster you can create them, the better. So, overall, the software can certainly help you to produce this type of posts.

Fast Posts Win

Without using tools, you might think you can produce a quick WordPress post (in other words, an ‘article’) in five minutes. But in practice it’s always more like 30-60 minutes. The time just ticks away.

Passive Profit Portals is designed to help you get closer to the ‘5 minutes’ than the ’30 minutes’! It has to help!

Help For PPP Customers On HeyMalc

This page lists all HeyMalc help-pages for PPP.

I am providing this help because I had input into its design (though no cut of the profits… ūüôĀ ¬† ) also, being a beta tester gave me a few insights. And now and then I choose a product to look at in-depth: and now it’s PPP. I think there are some areas where I can cast light.

You can get three level of help here:

Casual surfers get access to some information

If you are a HeyMalc Free Member (sign up on the right) you get to see parts of some posts which are hidden to casual surfers:

If you are a HeyMalc Silver Member (you have this option during Free sign-up) you also get access to the Silver Forum, where you and I get to talk one-to-one. (coming soon)

Hopefully the help I can provide will help you move forward with the software. And, as HeyMalc is focused on helping newcomers move forward in all ways, you should pick up some tips in any case.

I wish you good luck in your Internet marketing – do leave a comment about anything you like (in the ‘comments’, below, of course!)

This page lists all HeyMalc help-pages for PPP.

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  • Gerry mcguigan

    cannot access the blogging themes on ppp. the page is blank when i click on it and now the other subjects on fundamental blogging for beginners is doing exactly the same.

    please advise as i cannot continue without this neccessary information.

    kindest regards gerry 

    • Hi Gerry

      Do you meant the PPP downloads page? If you let me know the exact link I will check it.

      The “Fundamental Blogging Training Videos” link is working right now – perhaps it had a “funny five minutes…”



      Fluff-Free Internet Marketing

      • Gerry mcguigan

        hi malc,
        thanks for the couteous and quick¬†reply.¬†To answer your question, yes its the download page. It is still blank when clicking on the¬†“Fundamental Blogging Training Videos”. I am a newbie so do not¬†actually know what you mean by exact¬†link.¬†

        Kindest Regards Gerry.

        P.S. Will have another try.

        • HI Gerry

          You are welcome for the reply.

          That page is opening fine for me, which suggests it is your system which cannot open it. If you have no messages displaying which you can see, I’d suggest trying another Internet browser. Try Chrome – you can download it if you need – and access the same page and see if it works then.

          Hope this helps.


          Fluff-Free Internet Marketing

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