Ontraport Review

Ontraport Review

by on 17/02/2014

Review of: Ontraport
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On 17/02/2014
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Ontraport Review - the best email management programme on the market. Very user-friendly and gives powerful features Aweber just doesn't have. I would not be without Ontraport.

This Ontraport review focuses on the excellent email marketing features of this emailing service.

Ontraport has very many features, but it’s well worth buying for the email marketing features alone.

Two Brilliant Features

I’ll focus in on two of Ontraport‘s killer features.

Firstly there’s the ability to add as many tags as you want to any contact in your database.

And secondly, there’s the provision of dozens of highly valuable “if/then rules“.

Ontraport’s Contact Tags

To understand this, you need to appreciate that whereas most email management programs add your contacts to lists, Ontraport adds them to a contact database.
If someone’s email is added to Aweber, say, from a different form from the first time, they are added to a second list of yours on Aweber.

With Ontraport, on the other hand, each person has their own contact record. And when someone is added from a second form their contact record is tagged – with relevant tags that you choose.

This is 100 times more useful and logical and flexible than adding them to multiple lists. Part of the benefit is that you can use any of these tags in the if/then rules. (See next.)

Ontraport’s If/Then Rules

Ontraport have gone out of their way to make their if/then rules very user friendly. And if you do get stuck using them their support staff are very knowledgeable about this useful tool. In my experience, they quickly give you the answer you need.

What Are If/Then Rules?

They enable you to say to Ontraport:

If such and such an event happens… … then perform this action.

So some examples could be:

  • “If the recipient doesn’t open this email within two days, resend it to them at that time”.

If you want, you can even specify a different subject line for the email – or even for a completely different email to be sent.

  • “If a contact hasn’t got the tag “Bought product B”, and hasn’t got the tag: “Email series product B”, add that tag to their contact record and send them the email series for Product B.

Can you see how powerful this can be? It’s marketing on steriods! Neither Aweber nor GetResponse can touch this.

Ontraport Review – The Catch!

You’ve probably guessed that these brilliant features come at a price!

Sure, Ontraport is more expensive than Aweber or GetResponse.

But, with the ability to resend to people who don’t open your emails, this increases your income from the emails you send markedly.

By resending a weekly email after two days in four days, my open rate is often doubled and on average it is 75% higher.

So I suggest sticking with one of the cheaper solutions until you are earning, say, $200 a month from your emails. At this point, the extra you will earn from easily being able to “resend to no opens” will pay for the Ontraport subscription.

Ontraport Pays For Itself

Ontraport will pay for itself after using it for a short time. It is also a pleasure to use compared with any other email marketing system.

Infusionsoft has the ability to do what Ontraport does, but it is convoluted and much harder to set up and use, as well as being pricier.

I hope this Ontraport review has made clear that this is a very well thought out solution which is presented logically and even elegantly. The features are like no other email marketing solution I have ever used. For anyone earning over $200 a month from their email marketing this is by far the best solution on the market.