Ontraport is the Best Emailing Service

Ontraport is the Best Emailing Service

by on 13/03/2014

Best emailing service
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If you want to use the best emailing service around then you should be using Ontraport.

The Internet marketing email standard seems to be Aweber. Marketers, large and small, recommend and use Aweber.

Goodness knows why! It must be habit.

It’s a decent enough service, but is extremely limited.

Ontraport is User-Friendly

No-one can say that Aweber is user-friendly; although you do get used to it in time.

Whereas Ontraport is extremely user-friendly and also has dozens more features than Aweber. That’s what makes it the best emailing service.

Earn More With Ontraport

But the kicker is – you will definitely earn more money with Ontraport. Take just one of its features; resending to people who don’t open your email.

Okay – you can do this with Aweber, but it’s a real pain. First you have to send your email. Then you have to login and filter out the people who haven’t opened it and create a segment.

Then you have to copy and paste the email again, and save it. And finally, you have to go and send it to the saved segment.

In all honesty – I couldn’t be bothered. It’s too much trouble. And I don’t want to tie myself to having to remember to do this exactly one day – or whatever – after my previous email went out.

Ontraport = Autopilot

With Ontraport the way this works is that you schedule your email and then you schedule the resend at the same time. This is an example of Ontraport‘s powerful “if/then” rules.

Let’s just say that having scheduled your email, scheduling a resend to people who have not opened two days later is the work of about 60 seconds. Job done.

When I do this – well, actually, I do it twice – on day 2 and day 4 after sending – I get between 50 and 100% extra “opens”.

In itself, that is worth the cost of Ontraport.

See the video for more detail about how this works.


Why is Office Autopilot (Ontraport) the Best Emailing Service?

What You Will Learn

  • Ontraport is the most user-friendly emailing service
  • Why you need to have your contacts in a database…rather than in a list, or multiple lists
  • The unique features of Ontraport…which make it so powerful
  • It’s the most user-friendly emailing service…by a mile
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • Infusionsoft

Easier than

Ontraport (used to be called Office Autopilot) is 10 times easier to use than any other emailing service.

It is very user friendly enabling you to see exactly what you are doing

Your contacts … appear in a simple list – easy to edit, to filter, or to group

Your Messages … are easy to add, edit and schedule

They can easily be added to sequences … to send to any group of your contacts

And once they are in sequences you can make use of the extensive and fantastic if/then rules.

The heart of Ontraport is…

A proper database NOT a collection of unconnected lists.

A database is easy to manage.

Allows filtering of contacts.

So for example, I can filter out people to send an email to who:

  • signed up on my HeyMalc site
  • downloaded my report on email marketing
  • have not bought my email marketing course

Then I can send them all an email.

So I can filter those out and they will get a series of emails selling my course.

With Ontraport anyone can set up this sort of filter in sixty seconds.

60 seconds work

This is going to earn you more money

Aweber, etc – very minimal filtering built in

Only VERY simple filtering

With unconnected lists – the sort of lists Aweber, Mailchimp, etc have – you can only do very simple filtering. They call it “segmentation”, but what they offer is actually minimal compared to Ontraport.

Not worth the time to do it

In practice, you probably won’t even use filtering with Aweber because it’s rarely worth the time it takes.

Money on the table

This means you will leave money on the table

Ontraport’s unique features

Again, this is only possible because of the database structure

Resend to unopens – automatically

If someone doesn’t open your email at the first time of sending they will often open it if you send it again a day or two later – especially if you change the subject line to appeal to a different group of people.

This takes five minutes to set up in Ontraport to be automatic. I always increase my open rate by between 50 and 100%.

50%-100% increase in ‘open’ rate

That’s the % of people opening your emails. You can do this resending with other services – but only if you remember to log in manually after an email’s gone out, create a “segment” of your contacts, and  manually set the whole email up a second time.

Who’s gonna do that? It’s rarely worth the time.

Unlimited tagging – which allows “Segmentation” – sending target emails.

Say that someone downloads the free “Email marketing” report your company produces. In Ontraport any signup form can automatically add an “Email marketing” tag to that person’s record.

Email marketing tag added to contact record

You can then send just them a targeted sequence of emails about email marketing including your own links that make you money.

Do this now – or at any other future time you have email marketing information to send.

This is Powerful!

Ontraport – easy to use, powerful

Having a database wins!

List-based services are second rate.

But they are cheaper to provide, and so they serve the majority of the market.

If you want the best – you’ll have to pay more

BUT you’ll have a service which is easier to use and which double your income from email marketing.

You’ll also be on top of your game

95% of Internet marketers stick with the second tier systems – whether Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, or one of the others.

Get ahead of the crowd

Even many successful Internet marketers do not have the insight to realise they are leaving money on the table.

Well, that’s okay! That’s more for us!

Ontraport is the top solution

Ontraport is really the best solution on the market now for email marketing.

$200 a month +

If you are already earning over $200 a month then Ontraport is a no-brainer.

Go get it now!

“Resend to unopens” – doubles income

The “resend to on opens” feature alone will double your earnings from email marketing.

I don’t advise it for beginners, unless you are certain you will be earning over $200 or so  a month from email marketing in the next two or three months.

Ease of use is unrivalled

On top of the other benefits, Ontraport is a joy to use!

I can’t say this enough. With Ontraport, just about everything is in the place you’d expect it to be – so the learning curve is very shallow…

Many more features

…even though it has dozens more features than the other email marketing solutions.

Ontraport – THE email marketing solution

If you are ready … for the best, go and get Ontraport now.

If you are not ready yet … remember Ontraport for when you are earning enough to justify it

Everyone using Aweber … and the other commonly used email marketing solutions is missing a trick.

Get ahead, and get Ontraport.

Check out Ontraport here.

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