Ontraport is the Best Emailing Service

Ontraport is the Best Emailing Service

by on 13/03/2014

Best emailing service
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If you want to use the best emailing service around then you should be using Ontraport.

The Internet marketing email standard seems to be Aweber. Marketers, large and small, recommend and use Aweber.

Goodness knows why! It must be habit.

It’s a decent enough service, but is extremely limited.

Ontraport is User-Friendly

No-one can say that Aweber is user-friendly; although you do get used to it in time.

Whereas Ontraport is extremely user-friendly and also has dozens more features than Aweber. That’s what makes it the best emailing service.

Earn More With Ontraport

But the kicker is – you will definitely earn more money with Ontraport. Take just one of its features; resending to people who don’t open your email.

Okay – you can do this with Aweber, but it’s a real pain. First you have to send your email. Then you have to login and filter out the people who haven’t opened it and create a segment.

Then you have to copy and paste the email again, and save it. And finally, you have to go and send it to the saved segment.

In all honesty – I couldn’t be bothered. It’s too much trouble. And I don’t want to tie myself to having to remember to do this exactly one day – or whatever – after my previous email went out.

Ontraport = Autopilot

With Ontraport the way this works is that you schedule your email and then you schedule the resend at the same time. This is an example of Ontraport‘s powerful “if/then” rules.

Let’s just say that having scheduled your email, scheduling a resend to people who have not opened two days later is the work of about 60 seconds. Job done.

When I do this – well, actually, I do it twice – on day 2 and day 4 after sending – I get between 50 and 100% extra “opens”.

In itself, that is worth the cost of Ontraport.

See the video for more detail about how this works.

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  • Alex

    Hello Malc,
    Thank you very much for another brilliant and factual presentation.I have to be honest in the sense that I had never heard of Ontraport beforeand was therefore resigned to having to use Aweber and/or Get Response.
    Without doubt Ontraport will be my eventual E-Mail marketing option.For now,as you quite rightly pointed out,it is not within my budget,all this valuable information has been collected for reference and purchase in the not too distant future.
    Without wishing to be rude,do you provide/advise on e-mail marketing since I would like to purchase already in possession of a good/basic knowledge as to how e-mail marketing functions.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Alex

      I am glad you found the article interesting and that Ontraport is now on your radar because of it! It is surely a great system.

      In terms of training, I have written two or three articles on email marketing recently on the blog. In addition, I am in the middle of a video/article post called “What is Ontraport”, which will give you an inside view of the main features of this massive programme.

      It will also tell you what I think you should be using in it and what you can safely ignore.

      That will be finished this week and probably posted on April 11th.

      You should also check out my article “Email Marketing 101”, which you can get to through the “Internet Marketing” menu item above.

      I hope that helps


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