Mobile Evernote Essentials

Mobile Evernote Essentials

by on 27/05/2014

Mobile Evernote Essentials
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This post on mobile Evernote essentials might persuade you to make full use of Evernote – if you don’t already.

I combine Evernote with David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” system to make a brilliant time management approach – as I describe in this post.

But for many years I have used Evernote to store data of all sorts – from webpages to passwords to notes.

Up to a year or two ago Evernote was clumsy to use on devices. But more recently the device-based versions have improved a lot, making them definitely usable.

Evernote on Tablets and Smartphones

It’s good to know that I’ve got Evernote to refer to wherever I am – because I have my tablet or phone with me.

For example, I’m going on holiday at the weekend. I’ll take a folder with tickets, hotels details, travel itineraries, et cetera printed out, but as a backup I also have a copy of all documents in Evernote. It’s the same with theatre tickets. I always make a copy and put it in Evernote.

Add a few keywords and you know you can find your tickets any time you want to.

Capturing data

Adding this into Evernote is simple. If I’m on my desktop, I’ll use screen capture software – I like Snagit best – and paste it straight into an Evernote note.

If I’m out and about I can type data directly into Evernote – or use a quicker app if I want to, such as Fastever for the iPhone. Or I can simply open a new Evernote note and click the camera icon to take a picture directly into evernote.

Web Pages, Emails

If it’s a webpage I want to capture then there’s an “Add to Evernote” button you can install in most browsers. In one click this will capture the whole page, a segment, or the URL, as you wish.

If you want to get an email into Evernote that is simple if you have Outlook. You simply click the “add to Evernote button” in the ribbon and there it goes.

If you haven’t got Outlook it’s still pretty simple. Everyone has an Evernote email address. Send anything there, and it appears in your Evernote online, then syncs to your desktop and devices.

Editing and Sorting

I like to use my devices during downtime, such as train or bus journeys. Mainly I do two things:

  1. Maintenance work on my Evernote system
  2. Catching up with reading.

The maintenance work I’m talking about is making sure notes are in the right notebook and have the right tags.

I only have two main notebooks. So this is not too tricky. But everything that gets added to Evernote goes into my “To do,” notebook, even things I want filed.

So part of my maintenance is moving to “Filing” what I want there. The rest of it is tagging notes that need – and this is mainly to do with my time management system.

It’s a great help that Evernote will synchronise your “Saved searches” from the desktop to your devices. This is very helpful, because you can’t select multiple tags on your devices right now. You can, however, select saved searches – which are notes with multiple tags which you have saved for later use.

If I have some time over I catch up on the notes I have tagged: “Reading”. I prefer to do this on my iPad simply because it’s a larger screen. This makes sure I get maximum benefit from downtime.

Good Use of Time

What a great use of time! Call me: “over organised”, if you must! But I really do enjoy tidying up my Evernote notes.

If you are still not convinced about Evernote then check out my post: How to Use Evernote.

I am just scratching the surface here with Evernote essentials when you are mobile. Evernote is the piece of software I use the most, so being able to use it on my phone and tablet is absolutely brilliant.

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