Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch” Method

Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch” Method

by on 19/08/2014

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Jeff Walker invented the Product Launch. I’ve already looked atΒ why do a product launch. The thing is, done properly, a product launch can be a very quick way to make a lot of money.

What are the prerequisites?

  1. You have your own product. This sounds a lot of effort, but it needn’t be πŸ™‚
  2. Hard work
  3. Willingness to fail – and retry

That’s about it really. And if you read Jeff Walker’s book – see below – and stick with it, the chances of success are high.

Jeff Walker – “The Master”

Jeff Walker came across the product launch method when he was selling a financial product – helping people to make money from stock market shares. He just sort of worked it out himself, then later he found out that no-one else was doing it.

Since then his method has been successfully applied in pretty much every niche you can think of – from dog training to tennis coaching.

So if you are any sort of expert in pretty much any niche – you can use Jeff’s Product Launch Formula to cream it in that niche.

Or, to avoid using the vernacular, you can make tons of money in most niches using this formula.

Some people who have modelled Jeff – and he has helped some of them directly – might strike you as a bit spammy (they do me: Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern…) or you might think them OK. One thing’s sure: they have been very successful. Anyway, YOU don’t have to be spammy at all; let’s all just be nice, eh?

How Does it Work?

The whole idea of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is to create a story over 7 to 10 days of emails, which end up with you gently introducing, and finally selling your product.

At the beginning, you don’t even mention the fact that you are going to be selling something. So you come over as being very low-key and trustworthy – not a hypey sales person. This enables you to gain your potential customers’ trust and respect, such that when you introduce your offer then are keen to learn more.

Good, FREE stuff

So, far from “ramming your products down people’s throats”, you actually start off giving them some really good quality free stuff. *

And then you gently lead them to understand that as your free stuff is so good you might have some really valuable paid-for stuff – EVEN better stuff – which you will tell them about “in the next email”.

This is really clever psychology and it also lets your customers know that you are not just after their money, but you want to build a solid relationship with them.

Done in the right way, this really gains their trust. *

Tell them to Be Quick

Then, when you finally tell them about the opportunity you have for them (to buy your product) you can urge them to act fast – for some reason you come up with.

It’s good to add this step to encourage people to take action. Otherwise they won’t – people hesitate!

But don’t worry, this can all be done authentically – you get to choose an approach which you are comfortable with.

For example, perhaps you are holding a live Q and A session and that will only be happening on one particular day. You can weave that fact into your “scarcity”.

Get The Book

jeff-walker-launchJeff Walker’s book is called “Launch“. It’s a brilliant read and gives you real insights into how Jeff has developed his system.

He is obviously not in it just for the money because I bought it for Kindle for only Β£4 ($6). He clearly just wants to get the information out there. (OK, he wants to build his list too…)

To be honest, you could use the information in his book and create your own product launch fairly easily. You don’t necessarily need to pay the $2,000 for his Product Launch Formula course LOL.

Or maybe you do want to pay for the course and get some extra information…

If you click on the book image on the left, or on this linkΒ  you’ll get to a page where Jeff Walker gives you three free bonuses once you have bought the book – it’s worth getting those. Go to the bonuses page.


I am convinced that Jeff Walker is “one of the good guys”. One reason I say this is that Terry Kyle, an Internet big-hitter who I know and trust, posted a comment on Jeff’s blog saying the same. And Terry knows IM inside out, and is not a person to suck up to anyone. If Terry says Jeff is a decent guy, he is.

On top of that he comes over as a good guy. He’s even a bit boring here and there… (lol).

There’s no doubt – after reading his book – that Jeff started the product launch method.

And each time you redo your launch (which you should) you will sell more and more as you learn more and more.

It’s fantastic method, and whatever other methods you use, you can incorporate Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

Anybody in Internet marketing needs to read this book. For $6 it’s a no-brainer.

*The asterisks above, in the copy, are those bits of Jeff’s method which happen to tie in with Cialdini’s six factors of persuasion identified his highly praised book, “Influence”. If you haven’t got it already, do get it. This book is seminal, and you have probably heard of some of those six, which are: Commitment, Liking, Authority, Reciprocation, Social Proof and Scarcity.

So, there you are: two strong recommendations for book: Jeff Walker’s “Launch”, and Cialdini’s “Influence”. They are both powerful and influential books

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