Internet marketing guru with a product launch ripoff

Another Internet Marketing Guru with a Product Launch Ripoff?

by on 21/10/2013

Internet marketing guru with a product launch ripoff
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Don’t believe emails from every internet marketing guru which drops into your inbox. Some of them downright lie; others just give you the wrong impression.

You need to stay super-alert.

What People Want

From surveying readers I know nearly everyone wants to boost their monthly income – and see it continue to rise every month.

A few others already do earn money online but run out of time: their method doesn’t “scale”.

Most people don’t use a solid method of making money online: and if they do, they don’t stay focused on it long enough for it to succeed.

Creating a rising, monthly income IS possible: and I cover a few ways of doing that at the end of this post. But first I’d like to give you some some insight into how the whole “Product Launch” machine works.

Understanding the Product Launch will help to stop you becoming a victim of it – and save you tons of money and time.

Internet Marketing Guru vs Newbie – The Gurus Usually Win

When a greedy Internet marketing guru – or “wannabe guru” – meets gullible newbies, many newbies will lose.

Think of “newbies” as an ever-growing group of millions of non-web-savvy entrepreneurs who want to make money online.

If a product sounds as if it might make them money: they might give it a go.

Imagine this product is pitched to one million people – a number easily reached by the big Product Launches. If just 1% try it – that would be 10,000 customers. That’s why it’s really profitable for the big marketers!

Where Does the “Product Launch” Come in?

How does an internet marketing guru persuade 10,000 people to read a sales page and spend hard earned cash?

This is mainly achieved by getting lots of paid “friends” to email their lists for you: the end point of a “Product Launch”.

Not all Product Launches are bad, but some certainly are. And in these bad ones, the marketer doing the launch focuses on:

“What will make me most money?”, rather than:

“What is best for the customer?”

And these marketers know that what makes most money is, in fact, “What the customers think they want”, rather than: “What the customer actually needs”.

What Are Your Hot Buttons?

More often than not, we are talking here about extensive use of age-old hot buttons by the experienced Internet marketing guru:

  • “Make money fast”
  • “Make money this month/this week”
  • “No experience needed”
  • “Little or no work involved”
  • “Press 3 (4/5/6) buttons” or “3/4/5 simple steps”, and
  • “Done-for-you” (no work involved, again)

All these hot buttons really are huge red flags or they should be. If you see any one of these red flags: WALK!

(Or, maybe: “press the back button”. Oh, and then: “press OK”, to leave the page if you get an “exit pop”, LOL.)

However, they always work (sometimes disguised); and they always will work. It’s funny: but even when we have seen these “tricks” 100 times we still often “suspend judgement”, when judgement is actually saying: “run a mile”.

Don’t be a mug: and do listen to your judgement and stop reading.

How Does The Product Launch Make (Some) Marketers Rich?

So, back to the Product Launch. Masters of the dodgy Product Launch include examples of the Disgustingly Rich Internet marketing guru, like:

  • Frank Kern
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Jeff Walker (pretty much the inventor of the online “product launch”), and
  • Andy Jenkins (“Stompernet” – the biggest grossing SEO course of all time) …
  • Eban Pagan – massive in the dating niche
  • Half a dozen others…

Collectively, they call themselves The Syndicate.

…and it proceeds down the food chain to the medium sized “gurus” and beyond to the smaller people.

You can see all the medium sized ones among the list of upcoming launches here at JVNotify Pro.

It’s quite clear from the JVNotify Pro list that these marketers try to avoid the dates their chums have a Product Launch planned.

In fact, with the Disgustingly Rich Marketers, their launches have, historically, been timed like clockwork to interlock with each other.

Oh – and the prices are clearly being agreed between the top players. (Which sounds a teeny bit illegal to me…)

But then these Disgustingly Rich Marketers regularly meet up – so collusion is not that surprising. Some have even been taped talking disparagingly about the “mugs” buying from them.

Here’s a video with a soundtrack of Internet marketing guru Andy Jenkins asking Jeff Walker’s advice about a launch he’s thinking of doing for $497. Walker advises him to increase the price to $5,000! Jenkins gulps… then regains his stride…

Jenkins: “I’m going to rely on The Syndicate [Kern, Filsaime, etc – see above] to hit this really hard. There’s probably a million people in those lists: and probably 500-750 people willing to pay 25 hundred bucks..”.

These guys regularly pay lawyers to get that recording taken down. So if it’s gone, Googling: “Andy Jenkins Jeff Walker phone call“, should find another copy 🙂

Please Take My Money

These are the ten steps of how your typical Internet marketing guru caries out the Product Launch to make maxiumum money.

Step 1. The big (or medium-sized) marketer comes up with an idea for a product for which there is a known demand among newbies.

Step 2. The product, and one or two upsells, are created. (It used to be priced at $27/$47/$99; then it became more like $47/$97/$199. These days, the top end can be $1,999 or more.)

Step 3. A Joint Venture Partner Broker is taken on to find JV partners (most of whom s/he already probably knows), who all work on commission – usually 50%. They will want one or two big-hitters on board – with email lists of 50,000 as a minimum.

Step 4. The JV Broker books a date (probably on Mike Merz’ site) to avoid other big launches. (In the real world, this might be called unfair competition. Online, the authorities don’t really understand this stuff yet.)

Step 5. The JV Broker tries to get an agreement in principle – from the “JVs” to mail out for this product on the launch date, or in the week following. (JVs are constantly being pestered to do this by numerous JV Brokers.)

Step 6. In the first week of the launch, the marketer or his assistant, chases up all the people who said they will email, to try and get as many of them to perform as promised.

Step 7. The marketer holds his or her breath and hopes that nothing goes wrong, because they are earning big bucks during the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The worst thing that can go wrong is that PayPal close down someone’s account because it is taking in too much money. This is not rare and you can imagine how frustrating it is to marketers; there are customers clamouring to pay – but no way to take their money!

Step 8. After the first week, the big marketer breathes a huge sigh of relief: the worst is over! S/he counts the profit, and checks the refund rate.

(For the Greedy Internet Marketer (GIM 😉 ) the refund rate is key: because a 1% lower refund rate can equate to 1000s of dollars extra profit. The key to keeping the refund rate low, is getting the customer past the refund period date.

In tests, only 50% of buyers actually look at the product (- yes, shocking!) So, of the 50% who do look at it – well, it must not be complete cr*p because they are only fairly stupid (lol), not completely stupid!

So one key is to make it complicated so the buyer has got less of a chance to suss it out before the 30 or 60 days of the guarantee is up.

One way to make it complex is to pile extra “free bonuses” to give the buyer loads to look through. Often, these bonuses are either the marketer’s old products; or freebies from colleague marketers, designed to move the buyer into their own sales funnel and sell them more products. And on any sales from the colleague marketer the Greedy Internet Marketer will get a kickback – either a commission or reciprocation on the colleague’s next launch.

Sweet (for them – not you)!

Step 9. The JV Broker gets paid commission and has a nice payday too – if the launch has all worked out okay.

Step 10. Celebration (hopefully). A product launch is very high stress and there’s never enough time to do everything in that short period of time. A lot of marketers get to hate the cycle of launching because of the stress involved – and they need to repeat it several times a year to keep the income coming in.

Of course, the Disgustingly Rich Marketers can outsource much of this stress.

So that’s how Product Launches work – and it’s why you might get mailed several times about the same offer during the period of a couple of weeks. The deal is, if several marketers are mailing you about the same thing, it’s sort of “social proof” which tends to persuade you – even if it’s manufactured.

$1m of Sales in Two Weeks

The amount of sales during an Internet marketing launch can go from $100,000 to $1 million or more. The marketer might end up getting 25-30% or so of this. 50% goes to the JV partners who mail out and another 15 or 20% to the JV broker and on other expenses.

Andy Jenkins on his phone call with Jeff Walker :

“I’m aiming to bank $400,000 on this launch…”

And remember – that would be, basically, in a 2-3 week period.

A Cut Down Product Launch – the WSO

At the lower end – well away from the Internet marketing guru – is the humble WSO (Warrior Special Offer) where the barrier to entry is lower but you get experience and can get to know people. In a WSO a person might sell nothing (if they are a bit clueless…) to $30,000 or even $50,000.

How NOT to get CONNED!

It’s fairly simple! To Be Successful – You Need ONE COMPLETE Method to Make Money

It is definitely possible to make money online. But don’t get sucker-punched by product launch after product launch.

A Complete Money Making Method

You do need a “complete method” of making some cash.

You need:

  • A product to sell – which can be your product or someone else’s
  • You need a way to sell it – such as a sales page, an email list, etc, and
  • You need exposure to a target market which usually means you need a way to get traffic.

Don’t Do Part of the Job

Don’t make the other cardinal mistake of buying a product to do just part of this job.

My own hard disk is littered with software meant to find products, products to create squeeze pages or sales pages, product supposed to generate traffic, et cetera et cetera. 95% useless!

If you are not making money yet then you are far better off buying into a complete system of making money.

This needn’t be expensive – in fact, I recommend complete systems whose price is quite modest.

Buying into a complete system of making money – and there are some good ones around – is very much likely to give you success. This is because:

  • You are using a proven method of making money
  • You will have good support – usually from a forum
  • You will be able to communicate with people who have worked the system successfully
  • It will keep you focused – and stop you reading marketers emails which are likely to take you off on a tangent
  • It is a sensible way of making money – put 3 to 6 months effort into learning system, and watch your income turn from nothing, into an occasional trickle and then into a decent stream of income.

The Systems I recommend

I know most of these people. Ranging form Chris Farrell who I have chatted with several times (he’s a Brit) to Rob Cornish (Gain Higher Ground) who I see 3 or 4 times a year.

These are really decent programmes. I stongly suggest you choose one and FOCUS: follow it to the exclusion of all else.

Only buy other tools if you KNOW need them. Please don’ t buy ANY other courses. Just follow one of these I recommend. And STOP wasting your time reading sales letter for other prodcuts – I know you know it makes sense.

Bring The Fresh

Highly respected make money system from two tremendously successful Internet marketers. 60-day guarantee.

Kelly Felix and Mike Long tick all the boxes when it comes to authority: they have a well-proven track record in making money online. Plus they are strongly recommended by none other than Warren Buffett – a testimonial which must be a contendor for “Best in the World”!

Chris Farrell Membership

Top money making system on IM Report Card. Chris spends tons of time helping his members. 60-day guarantee.

Chris Farrell has a relaxed, encouraging style which is very appealing. Chris and his nembership are both very popular  – as can be seen from his unsurpassed rankings on IM Report Card – number 1 for both “Top 25 Rated Service”, and “Top 25 Rated People”. Impressive! And it’s a deserved ranking.

Gain Higher Ground

A solid money making system from a personal friend who I know to be decent. 60-day guarantee.

Gain Higher Ground is the make money system of Rob Cornish, UK marketer, which has an incredibly low refund rate – only 1.85%. The approach he teaches is simple and straightforward and is well taught. He’s a person friend – and I like Rob a lot.

Sixty Days From Today

A martial arts expert, Chad Hamzeh teaches CPA expertly in this powerful program.

No. 3 in IMReportCard’s “Top 25 Business Oportunities” – quite an accolade. Chad Hamzeh became well known through his classic book Traffic Black Book This is all about making money from paid advertising. And we are not talking Adwords here – there are MUCH cheaper traffic sources.

Site Build It

EVERYTHING you need to build a solidy business online, around your interests. 3 month guarantee.

A great program for complete beginners – including EVERYTHING needed – who will find a warm welcome and a high level of support – both from ultra-respectable Ken Evoy and his staff, and from the many users who want to help you.

Forget the Product Launches

I hope you now have a better idea of how product launches work – and of the launches that you need to avoid.

Making money online is tricky because there are so many temptations around. The art of success is in learning which temptations you need to avoid.

By far the quickest way to success in most cases is to choose a proven system – such as the five systems I give you above – and follow them through until you are successful with them.

This success will give you a better perspective on other methods of making money online.

You Only Need One Way – To Get You Started

You only need one way to make money. Expect to start turning a profit in 3 to 6 months. Then in the next six months build on this, leverage your efforts, and soon you will be making a decent return every month, consistently. Yes – month after month!

This is the “Holy Grail” – a consistent, growing monthly income. 🙂

99% of marketers do not get to this point. BECAUSE THEY GET DISTRACTED.

Please, don’t number yourself among them. Thanks!

The way to success for most people is to follow a proven system. Please consider the five systems above that I have recommended.

Good luck to you – and please make any comments on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, or on my blog. It will be a pleasure to talk to you.

Summary – How NOT to Get Ripped Off by every Internet marketing guru launching a product

So to the summary! Don’t get ripped off by Product Launches. Subscribe to a decent money-making system and stick with it – ignoring other systems which come along.

To help you choose a good one, I have recommended 5 systems I have carefully checked out: and which I really like:

Bring The Fresh – Highly respected “make money” system from two tremendously successful Internet marketers. 60-day guarantee.

Chris Farrell Membership – Top money making system on IM Report Card. Chris spends tons of time helping his members. 60-day guarantee.

Gain Higher Ground – A solid money making system from a personal friend who I know to be decent. 60-day guarantee.

Sixty Days From Today  – A martial arts expert, Chad Hamzeh teaches CPA expertly in this powerful program.

Site Build It  – EVERYTHING you need to build a solidy business online, around your interests. 3 month guarantee.

Main point: To be successful online, choose one  good system (any of the five above) – and stick with it! And be wary of any Internet marketing guru who comes along.

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