How to Rotate A Video

How to Rotate A Video

by on 01/07/2014

How to Rotate A Video
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If you need to know how to rotate a video 90° I explore the ways to do it here.

The scenario: I have recorded a video on my smart phone of my exercise coach performing a move. I want to watch it later to check I am doing it right. I transfer it to my computer – and it plays sideways.


How do I turn it round a quarter of a turn quickly and easily?


AVS Video Editor?



Applian Video Converter?

AVS Video Editor?

Yes, AVS Video Editor will do it – but it’s a bit of a palaver.

AVSDrag your video onto the timeline then click Video Effects/Transform. Click on the Rotate effect and drag that onto the timeline.

Click Edit Effect and set it to 90 degrees (or other measure).

Then File/Produce your video.

You get there – eventually.


Yes, of course you can do it with Handbrake – Handbrake does anything with video. But it’s even more work.

This time, you have to use the command line to run a command like this:

$ HandBrakeCLI -i input.mp4 -o output.mkv –preset=Custom –rotate=4

OK – I don’t think we will even go there.

Applian Video Converter? 

The utilities in the Applian site are often good at fiddling with audio and video. In this case it’s their Replay Converter than comes closest to success – but it will only flip the video – turn it 180 degrees.

So that’s a fail.


Camtasia 8 for windows can handle it.

If you click on the media in the timeline you can then rotate the video in the canvas area.

Then produce your video.

Not bad! But still a slight fiddle.

The Winner – Microsoft Movie Maker

In the end, the surprise winner is: Microsoft Movie Maker.

This program, free with Windows, has pretty basic editing capabilities compared, say, to Camtasia. But one thing it does have is a nice, simple button to “Rotate left”, and another button to “Rotate right”.

movie maker

That’s what I needed – a one button click to achieve the job. It’s not often Microsoft comes through with a nice simple solution! But they did here.

Now you just need to “Save movie” in the format you want and you are done.

This is so easy to do – and takes a third of the time of Camtasia. If you have a few to do you’ll save a ton of time.

Download Microsoft Movie Maker for Free

If you haven’t got Movie Maker installed, it’s part of the Essentials suite which I downloaded from this link.

A Quick Solution

It’s not that often that I need to know how to rotate a video 90°. But it does happen. And when it does happen I want a quick and easy solution. Microsoft Move Maker fits the bill perfectly.

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