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HeyMalc “Internet Money At Last” System

by on 22/12/2011

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Internet Money At Last

Internet Money At Last

The HeyMalc Internet Money At Last System is firmly on the drawing board now. It is aimed at Internet marketers who have only made peanuts – or maybe less than that: and who want a reliable and simple system to start them earning money, slowly building, until it is a decent and reliable amount each month.

This is a huge market – people coming online every week, wanting to make the money they have heard of: but finding it harder than they thought to do anything but spend.

I have been inspired this year by Jason Fladlien, studying whom gave me the basic idea of the HeyMalc Internet Money At Last System. More recently, James Schramko in the YouTube videos on this post whose praise of the Nanacast membership system warmed my heart because I have Nanacast myself. Nanacast includes, it seems to me, the best way there is of tracking affiliate leads. It will enable me to track affiliate referrals by email address, IP address as well as lifetime cookie.

If you don’t know what that means, just bear in mind it means you are MUCH more likely to get paid if you send someone to an affiliate programme offering this.

So this is the basis of the HeyMalc Internet Money At Last System. How will you get visitors to my site so that you line yourself up for earnings? I will help you master that.

Then, if you want to copy me – go off and do your own thing based on what I am doing: good luck to you – and we can JV! But if you just want to “keep it simple”, you can just keep sending traffic to my site(s) and let me tackle the heavy lifting.

When will it be ready? As soon as I can do it. No launch date yet. But it is started.

It will  probably comprise:

  • A free report
  • A $7 products
  • A $17 product
  • A $37 product – probably with continuity (that is, a membership)

The free report is now done.

Then I got distracted by the HeyMalc Get Organised Now System. I will be back onto the HeyMalc Internet Money At Last System early in 2012.

Looking forward.

Meanwhile here is a link to a blog post with a couple of videos introducing the HeyMalc Internet Money At Last System.

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