A GTD Summary from David Allen

A GTD Summary from David Allen

by on 30/10/2014

GTD Summary
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This is a great GTD Summary (Getting Things Done) at a TEDx talk, and it’s given by David Allen, who developed this terrific time management system.

It’s classic David Allen.

He says that when we are in crisis we are really focused and often have the ability to make quick decisions. However, we are under stress.

The best outcome for Getting Things Done, as far as David Allen is concerned, is being just as decisive all the time – and without any of the stress.

Let’s Reduce Stress

As he makes clear in this GTD summary, his whole GTD theory revolves around reducing stress. He has said that the biggest problem the executives have is dealing with this stress which comes from not writing their tasks down.

This, he says (after working with thousands of executives over the years) is by far the biggest cause of stress.

That’s why it’s so important to get everything out of your head and written down in a system you trust – as I describe in this post.

Some of the ideas in the book Getting Things Done seem a little dated now – it was published in 2001 – so it’s really good to see David Allen recorded live where he can bring the ideas in GTD to life.

This is an excellent GTD Summary by David – don’t miss it.


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