A great tool for “Local”

A great tool for “Local”

by on 24/01/2013

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Why should you care about local marketing?

Local marketing – selling services to small companies who get their custom locally – is huge at the moment, and has been for a couple of years.

As mobile develops, it’s only going to get bigger. In other words, more and more people are going to be searching using their smart phones and tablets.

And all these local business need Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – they KNOW they do: they just don’t know how. Enter – you!

If you have the right tools then marketing to local businesses can be a big money earner. And there are many ways you can do it.

This video is about one such tool which is very cool!

If you like the look of it – and it IS attractive, check the software out here.

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I know from talking to you that some of you are into making money out of local markets

What are local markets?

That just means selling services to companies or shops which just have a local reach.

Vets, for example. Or accountants. Coffee shops. Pet shops. Surveyors.

You get the picture.

What do these people have in common?

Generally most of them know little or nothing about the Internet but they also know they ought to have a web presence.

Most of these people know that they ought to have a Twitter account, or a Facebook page, or a LinkedIn profile.

That’s where you come in.

You may think you don’t know much about Internet marketing but one thing is sure; you know more than these people do.

I think most of you can probably set up a profile on any of these accounts for someone else pretty darn quickly. And if you can’t, then I’m confident that you could learn how to do it quite quickly.

Anyway; the point is there’s plenty of opportunity in local marketing.

And, by the way, this doesn’t have to be local to you; it’s local to the respective business. So you could do local business for any town or locality you choose.

A new software – an experienced marketer

John Pearce is an English guy with a tremendous track record of making quality products. I had to tell you about this one because it is very slick and gives very useful information:

It IMMEDIATELY pulls up a list of local businesses in any area and tells you if they have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Linked, and email capture form, even if their site is “responsive” – in other words if it can be viewed on a mobile device.


And this takes – for any keyword you type in (eg Veterinary Surgeons, Brighton, UK) – 3 minutes. Three minutes and you have a list of all those local businesses: what they’ve got and what they haven’t and – just as importantly – what their opposition has got.

So you can say: do you know that competitor A has a Facebook page?


So, if you haven’t got a clue about making a Facebook page or a Twitter account, maybe pass on this one.

BUT if you have the slightest interest in “Local” and you think you could make a living out of it – or if you are making some money in that area already – this is a really slick tool. It works well, and it works quickly.

If you want it, BUY NOW because it’s a dimesale (it goes up every so many sales) and you want it at its cheapest.

Check out the video and I’ll show you how it works.

I have not seen the upsell, but I do know that it’s a “business in a box” so have a look at that and see if it suits you.

I know that if I was doing local business I’d want this too – it’s THAT cool. So quick.

If you get it – do let me know how you get on 🙂

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