Google’s Penguin Update – Hitler Objects

Google’s Penguin Update – Hitler Objects

by on 30/04/2012

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Google’s “Penguin” update has many of us riled. Their flipping update have many of us wringing our hands and wondering where our visitors went 🙁

But some feel it more strongly than others. Take those seeking world domination.

Hitler, for example.

Google is all-powerful in many senses.

But in some sense the Nazi ruler has them knocked into a cocked hat. Their fire-power, for example: I believe that Google has very few aircraft and hardly any doodlebugs at al(.

(Warning: Don’t click play unless you are OK with “F” words.)

So I think maybe those in Google’s San Jose headquarters might take pause and just take a look at who they are annoying with their algorithm changes.

There are some folk you just shouldn’t mess with: they get so cross.

And I think we can put Hitler in that category.

Maybe it’s time to back off, Google. Get a proper job 😐


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