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Google Sniper 2 Review

by on 26/06/2011

Google Sniper 2 ReviewDo you want a Google Sniper 2 review from me – now I have seen inside it?

Well, I can say that Google Sniper 2 is definitely a recommendation. Why do I like Google Sniper 2 and why is it a top recommendation?

Several reasons.

  1. The top reason –  It is easy to use. It is simple, it is explained well in George’s training videos; creating “Google Sniper sites” is just darned easy. No exaggeration. Unfortunately, lots of marketers tell you their marketing method is easy, but usually it isn’t. In George’s case it is. End of story. (If you follow through, of course…)
  2. George uses this method himself. Important! He says he uses it every day, and I have no reason to disbelieve that. In other words, he “walks his talk”.  [Note June 2014: He did when I wrote this post! He has moved on since then and probably is spending his time on bigger things…. But this is still a good starting point for you.] Many marketers don’t walk their talk at all  🙁
  3. There is definite evidence of people making money using Google Sniper, and even being able to give up their jobs. There is strong evidence for this. In fact, one of these people is giving regular monthly webinars as part of the purchase cost of Google Sniper 2.

Buy Google Sniper 2

Under The Bonnet

So, it’s looking good; but what do I think now I have looked “under the bonnet”?

Google Sniper 2 Is All Good

George has developed a system using which he uses to get Google traffic without having to go out and get loads of backlinks (which is what most people have to do when they want free traffic). That’s not to say that getting backlinks will not help you: they always will. Just that they are not essential to the Google Sniper 2 method.

So anyone who can save you that hassle has to be worth listening to.

How Does George Get Traffic?

George avoids having to get backlinks (generally) by careful selection of keywords – which he talks you through – and by how he structures the blogs he builds.

Timing Is Important Too

Another point is that as to the timing of adding affiliate links to his sites. In fact, he uses a technique which other marketers use too, of letting Google find your site (“indexing it”) before you add your affiliate links.

If this is double Dutch to you, don’t worry about it – it is covered in Google Sniper 2.

Is Google Sniper 2 For Beginners?

If you are absolutely new to computers and/or internet marketing then any system is going to be a challenge to learn. But it is many times easier to stand on someone else’s shoulders – to use a system someone else has created and will teach you.

What makes Google Sniper 2 stand out is the lack of the need to get traffic.

This takes away one huge requirement of most other systems.

There is still a learning curve as always – but the training is good, and clear.

Buy Google Sniper 2

Look Over George’s Shoulder

One of the upsells is looking over George’s shoulder while he actually builds a Google Sniper 2 site.

If you are not completely confident with:

  • Keyword research
  • Choosing a product from ClickBank
  • Installing WordPress plugins

…then this might be for you as it will save you time.

Do Buy It – But Do Use It Too  (Don’t just file it…)

Google Sniper 2 ReviewRemember this shocking fact which is well-known by successful Internet marketers and little-known by newcomers….

You must all have wondered why an Internet marketer would be prepared to sell their secrets – for a relatively small amount of money.

Well, firstly it is because they can make £10-20,000 pounds ($15-30,000) or even more than this during their ‘product launch’ phases – and this is during just 10 days!

And secondly, shockingly, they know from experience that 50 percent of customers will not even look at the product. Honestly. In the trade, some call these folks “sheeple”  😐

Of the remainder, half of them will open the product, but only half-heartedly use it.

Of the remainder of those (we are now down to a quarter of the initial customers) only half of them will get their first site up.

And of the rest, a mere 10% or so will end up with multiple sites – the whole point of the programme.

So… How Many Are Working The System…?

So out of the initial purchasers, maybe half to one percent will be really working the system.

Why shouldn’t George share his secrets when he knows that for every 100 you sell – at $30-40-50 each – only one person will end up in any sort of competition with you?

Please Follow Through

So: please be one of the half to one percent who follow through. Don’t be one of the sheeple!

Just as Google Sniper was a classic of its time – in 2009: Google Sniper 2, with a good few (needed) modifications to bring it up to date, is a system which can definitely make you money.

Inside the Google Sniper 2 Membership Area

The Google Sniper material is delivered via a membership site. There is tons of content there.

  • The Google Sniper Manual to download
  • “Process Maps” to download – very helpful indeed.

Then videos on:

  • Finding Keywords That Meet the Sniper Criteria
  • Creating Your Sniper Site
  • Secrets Of A 20% Conversion Rate
  • Cloaking Affiliate Links
  • Get Ranked and Gain Authority in Record Time


An addition section gives you 8 extra videos about:

  • Double your sales – the essential art of preselling
  • What Can Go Wrong – And Fixing It Fast
  • How To Massively Boost Your Rankings in Google
  • Quickly Boost Your Sites Using Social Media
  • George’s Top Converting ClickBank Products
  • Using CPA Offers with Google Sniper 2


Once you get things running you will want to outsource the creation of Google Sniper 2 Sites. George shows you how – with a blueprint on outsourcing, plus 5 videos on the topic. Excellent!

All in all, this IS a ‘business in a box’. You could apply the Sniper methods for 6 months and never run out of something to do to build your business. And after that time who knows what your income would be. One thing is sure – if you have committed to using Google Sniper 2 it would be substantial.

Good luck with this huge opportunity which George has created

Buy Google Sniper 2


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