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Google Sniper 2 – 18-Yr-Old Leaves Day Job

by on 03/03/2011

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Yes – it’s true. George Brown  was 18 when he launched Google Sniper, the first version, in 2009. By that time he had built up enough income to live off very comfortably.

Now, 2 years later, at the ripe old age of 20, he is making tens of thousands a month.

Annoying eh? LOL

But, happily, he had shared his techniques with us – his customers and potential customers.

QUESTION: Won’t the market now become saturated with ‘Google Snipers’? Have I missed the boat?


Now please get this straight 🙂 – I speak of what I know!

The majority of customers want to make decent money *without too much effort*.

Now, with George’s system you have to build sites consistently in a particular way George teaches you. It doesn’t matter so much how many hours a week you put into it – but consistency is the key.

“Consistent” IS hard: and without too much effort doesn’t work.

“Sustained effort over 3-6 months” is a more reasonable plan for making decent money. IF you will put in this time in a sustained way you WILL succeed. To put it another way – you cannot fail.

Get Google Sniper 2:

It is well-known that 50% of all customers DO NOT EVEN READ THE BOOK/WATCH THE VIDEOS when they buy a product. It sounds crazy – but I absolutely know this from my own experiences. 50% just DON’T SHOW UP!

Let’s Look At The Figures
SO… if you watch George’s videos you are *already ahead of 50%* of customers.

Of those 50% who DO watch the videos, at the most one fifth will watch them all, and at most only one in ten will build more than one site.

SO if you follow through you are one of the (let me do my maths…) ONE PERCENT of customers who will do something significant with Google Sniper 2. I call that ALMOST NO COMPETITION.


So the question is:

Will you commit to spending a set time every day or every week doing this:

  • Watching the excellent Google Sniper 2 videos and/or
  • Reading the Google Sniper 2 book, then
  • Building Google Sniper sites

… UNTIL you get to the point that an 18-year-old boy – George Brown – got to: of supporting himself completely from his Internet income?

IF your answer is YES, then… go and buy Google Sniper 2 NOW

… because you will be one of the one percent!

Let me know how it goes! I love success stories!

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