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Free Traffic Better Than Paid? Wrong!!

by on 20/06/2011

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Quantum Click Method, Mark Lyford, James Campbell

I have always leaned towards free traffic – after all, it’s free ain’t it? lol

I have to say this product educated me.

The thing was, years ago, when Adwords was pennies for a click instead of dollars, as they are now, you could get lots of cheap traffic – and even a small conversion rate could make you a profit.

Those days are long gone.

But… Mark and James’ Quantum Click Method reveals that cheap traffic is NOT dead! They show you how you can still get thousands of clicks – using a variety of methods – for as little as $0.02 a click.

The Quantum Click Method video course shows you – for just a few dollars – just how you can grab that traffic.

So… all you actually need is a page which converts at a known rate – earning you money: and you can divert cheap traffic to it.

I have changed from a “free traffic” man to a “free and cheap traffic” man. It’s actually a no-brainer. After all, IF you are earning money from any page – even someone else’s page – you can quickly work out how much it’s worth paying for cheap traffic to send there. And if we are talking about $0.02 a click… well, I’ll consider it!

Mark and James say:
“We knew there had to be away to get tons and tons of traffic cheaper than those idiots paying five dollars a click over on pay-per-click engines but more targeted and immediate than having to wait for articles and search engine rankings to get picked up by the search engines.”

This drove them to finding *multiple* methods of getting cheap clicks which can then be used to send traffic to any page you want.

This is an important weapon to have in your arsenal. Free traffic is good: but if you find you have an offer that is converting well, how useful to have some cheap-traffic methods up your sleeve to maximize your earnings??

This is just brilliant, brilliant information. They tell you just how to use freely available research tools on the web to identify EXACTLY which search terms other people are spending a big chunk of their money advertising on. Once you know that – you’d be silly not to use the same search terms: but to use much, much cheaper places to advertise to get the traffic.


You need a page which is earning you money. Just one.

This could be your own page on your own blog selling an affiliate product: or, for some of the methods, it could be an affiliate sales page. As long as you have a page which is earning you money – and you know how much money: the Quantum Click Method will enable you to leverage that page to multiply your income.

It’s really a no-brainer. Elegant, powerful, and a very good price.

This product WILL be $77 or $97 once the soft launch is over – I am certain of that. For now it’s under $20 while they trial it out. Grab it while you can. It’s diamond.

One (well-known) buyer said:
“As I was watching these videos I had many ‘ah ha!’ moments and took lots of notes.”

“Quantum Click Method is one of the most true-to-word products I’ve seen for quite some time online… delivering real quality content that works…”

I particularly liked the illustration of how to use Spyfu to… well, spy on your competition. I toyed with that site a couple of years ago: but Mark gives real-life examples of how to really hammer it by using the free version of Spyfu.

Love it. And hardly anyone is doing this. It’s powerful.

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