Forum Marketing – Bypass Google To Get Traffic

Forum Marketing – Bypass Google To Get Traffic

by on 06/10/2012

Forum Marketing
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I love forum marketing as a way to get good traffic for several reasons.

  1. It bypasses Google completely
  2. It establishes your reputation quickly and easily
  3. It gets you high quality leads to any site which continue coming for years
  4. It keeps you up-to-date with what is happening in your niche

Forum Marketing Is For Anyone

Forum marketing is also accessible for anyone of any level to start at any time! You should choose two or three methods to use if you want to get free traffic without Google and forum marketing should be one of them.

In fact, if you are wondering what to start with, then start with this. It’s that good. Once you are in the zone with your forum posting then add another method – article marketing or making YouTube videos, for example.


I refer to a number of resources in the video. Here are the links:

Wikipedia – BB Code summary
Warrior Forum – create your “sig” to market yourself in the forum
A good forum directory –

Further training for Forum Marketing

Sarah Staar’s WSO training on “getting traffic without Google”
Jon Wedel’s WSO training on “getting traffic without Google”

Both of these trainings are very low cost, and great value.

Good luck with your forum posting! You will get fantastic traffic lasting years from this super-easy method to implement, which will build up into significant traffic.

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