Everything search will not index Dropbox files

Everything search will not index Dropbox files

by on 05/01/2013

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I noticed recently that Everything search, the superb utility which lets me find any file on my computer in seconds, was not working properly. On investigation, it turned out it was not indexing any files in the Dropbox folder: a big drawback as all my data files are in that folder!

I realised  long time ago that a “desktop search” programme would be hugely useful for me as I was spending more and more time looking for files on my folder system.

At first, this was easy. But as the number of files I had, and wanted to be able to find, went into hundreds and then thousands it became clear that I needed some sort of utility to find my files more easily.

Windows search has never been very good. At least it’s not complete rubbish now: but it’s still slow and ungainly.

First I tested out the major offering such as X1 and Google desktop search. I didn’t like the Google: and X1 was good, but it indexed so much (file contents) that it was slow.

Then I found Everything search utility.

In the video I briefly describe Everything and Dropbox, then show you the fix which forces Everything to index all the files in the Dropbox folder.



Dropbox is a fully features sharing utility which lets you sync your important documents up to the Dropbox cloud servers. Sync up to 2GB for the free account, and 100 GB or more with the paid account. Dropbox gives you a useful additional off site backup of your files and also lets you sync some or all of your data files to any other computer you use regularly – eg a laptop.


Fantastic and super-fast desktop search utility. In other words, Everything quickly indexes every file name and folder name on your hard drive then when you search for it, finds any one of them in seconds. You can set a hot key combination to bring it into action – I use Ctrl + 3. Two seconds later my file is found.

Next to Everything, Windows built-in search pales into insignificance. Do yourself a favour: install Everything and stop spending time searching for that lost file. After you get Everything – that doesn’t happen any more!

Everything download page

Filelocator Lite/Pro

Everything isn’t actively supported any more (not between around 2011 and 2013) so if it hits the dust at any time, FileLocator seems to be a good substitute. There is a free and a paid-for version.

For me, I’d get the Pro version for its ability to index inside .pst file: but that is only useful if you use Outlook.
(Note: just to confuse the issue, FileLocator have given a second different name to FileLocator Lite: Agent Ransack.

Text Version

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  • True, Marcin. However, that is listed on the Voidtools download page as being Beta. And on his forum the last comment the author made was on January 13th 2012 – a year and a week ago.

    Also, I think the Beta version removes the Date Modified column: “for performance reasons”.

    Admittedly, though, he has not completely gone missing for two years. Only one 😐

    In any case, Everything is near on perfect as a desktop search so there’s nothing much to improve.

    Thanks for your comment.


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