email marketing 101

Email Marketing 101

by on 01/12/2013

Email Marketing 101
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This article on “email marketing 101” expands the – rather simplistic – statement that: “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST.”

That glib statement can be true. But it doesn’t give much of a clue as to the process required to really make money from your list.

More accurately, it should say: “The money can be in the list – if you have a good email marketing strategy”.

This is only a brief post which I will add more detail to later and make a video to show you inside Ontraport etc.

The main points to note are that you should:

  1. Set up an initial, comprehensive, email marketing strategy using Aweber or GetResponse
  2. Once your monthly income justifies it, you will upgrade to Ontraport – which will double your monthly income from emailing over a few months. Do this and you will be well ahead of 99% of all internet marketers: as well as being ahead of 95%+ of successful internet marketers. Yes, hardly anyone is doing the no-brainer strategy I describe in this post. (Go figure…)

Main Points to Note

  • If you have a list of any size you should start this plan now! The benefits start to build from day 1 – you’ll see the reason why later.
  • You should add every new sign-up an ever-growing “welcome sequence” of emails. If you can, add a new email to your sequence every week.
  • The first three or four emails of the sequence will be purely to gain trust and will have few, if any, affiliate links in them.
  • Later emails can be around 90% great content and 10% affiliate links.
  • Start off on one of the cheaper, but reliable, autoresponder services (Aweber (AW), GetResponse (GR)); then step up to Ontraport when your income can cover the cost. The features of Ontraport let you resend emails to those who don’t open, and can double your open rates: hence you will double your income in a few months. It’s also easier to use than AW or GR – so it’s a no-brainer!
  • Choose affiliate products which are:
    1. EVERGREEN – in other words, they will be as relevant in 12 months as they are now. So steer away from most “product launches”, for example.
    2. Really good products: don’t EVER recommend rubbish – and trash your reputation. You might earn a few dollars this month and next: but making money long term is all about being ethical and recommending quality only.

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Long Term Success with This Strategy

Putting this strategy in place will create you a small but growing monthly income. Because your list members will come to trust you, they will stay on your list for many months if not years. And every new person who joins your list will automatically receive your ever growing “welcome sequence”.

[“Welcome sequence”? We’ll come to that.]

Getting Started

This email marketing strategy sets out firstly to grow and increasing monthly income – as I said above. All you need is a “starter” email service. If you haven’t got one, I recommend Aweber or which have among the highest delivery rates in the industyr – which is important. Then, when your income justifies it you need to upgrade to a better email auto responder service – Ontraport – which, in a few short months, will double your monthly income from email marketing.

A recent forum conversation:

[Them] “Ontraport isn’t exactly for beginners though, is it? At a time when they’re still looking for their first sale, forking out for that service is very risky.”

[Me] “Yes; Ontraport is not for beginners. I recommend starting with Aweber (or GetResponse – little to choose). Then apply a comprehensive email marketing plan until you get a monthly income enough to pay for Ontraport.

Then extend your email marketing plan, using Ontraport’s capabilities, whereupon you should expect to double that income over a few months. If done thoroughly, this is a no-brainer. It is helped by the fact that Ontraport is 10x more user friendly managing email campaigns than AR or GR.”

Example Email Marketing Plan – Aweber or GetResponse

  1. Signed up person gets 3-4 welcome emails to build trust – little/no selling
  2. Then they get 1 or 2 emails a week – continuing the sequence – with 90% great content, 10% aff links
  3. Write one new email a week, for your existing list: and then add it to the welcome sequence, extending it each week. [Personally, I aim to write one new email a week for my existing list which I then add to my welcome sequence which goes out twice a week. So, every week I extend my welcome sequence by half a week, if you see what I mean. ]


i) Over time build up the welcome sequence to be 6 months or more, maybe twice a week, evergreen content – ie NOT product launches, only quality content with a sprinkling of aff links.

ii) What I do, is repurpose my great email content I have spent good time writing – and post to my blog. That attracts more visitors and keeps Google happy.

iii) Publish a supporting post or review on your blog, then you can link to this in your emails as well as giving readers a direct link to the affiliate offer. This is an essential part of your strategy which will shoot up sales – because some people are not ready to buy right away and would like to read your more in depth review.

A quick and elegant way to add a review to a WordPress site is by using the Author hReview plugin. This adds an attractive review box, gold stars, and also ties in with rich snippets so they show up in Google results – very cool.

OntraportExample Email Marketing Plan Utilising Ontraport

Ontraport lets you completely automate certain processes – such as “resending to unopens”, and even with different subject lines. It is way, way beyond anything AW or GR can do.

[Point 1. Above] Your welcome sequence – Ontraport allows you to RESEND each one to “unopens” after 1-2 days, shooting up open rate by 50-100%. Remember – this can be set on autopilot for every single email you ever send out.

[Point 3. Above] Say you send a new (quality) email to your list weekly. OA lets you RESEND TWICE to your list, say at 2-day intervals; and with two different subject lines if you want – to grab attention from different list members.

This is EASY to set up in Ontraport and it DOUBLES my open rates every time! So it’s obviously gonna double sales, right?

AN EXTRA POINT: You can set up Ontraport so you never send 2 emails on the same day, annoying your list; EASY to do in Ontraport. You just tick a box to: “Never send this sequence on a Friday”, and then always send your weekly emails on a Friday – or mix and match that however you like.

[Try doing that in AW or GR! No way!]

Question: is there an alternative to Ontraport?

Short answer: NO.

Long answer: The only alternative with such features is Infusionsoft and, though a few people love it, I don’t recommend it to anyone because it is much harder to use (Ontraport is VERY user-friendly), and InfusionSoft is expensive to set up and maintain. (Hence I don’t even have an affiliate link for it.)

So, to SUMMARISE Email Marketing 101

Step 1. Use Aweber or GetResponse and develop a thorough email marketing strategy as detailed above. Use top quality content and sprinkle with “evergreen” aff links – ie for products which will still be relevant in 12-24 months.

Step 2. Once you are earning $250+ a month from your list, intensify your “resends” [and double your sales] by swapping to Ontraport. You will see your earnings jump almost straight away.

I'd be rich by now meme-w250-h250THIS IS A NO-BRAINER STRATEGY.

Don’t stretch yourself out to get Ontraport – make sure you can justify the outlay. Then there’s no stress on your budget – or yourself!

“Can You do this strategy, fully, with AW/GR?”

Only in a very limited way, using scripts. But it’s a HUGE hassle. And it’s hard to remember what you did!

Plus you cannot do the resends on autopilot like Ontraport does. When you swap to Ontraport I think you will feel like I do – that I swapped to a “grown up” autoresponder service 🙂

One thing I was told by a great mentor I paid $25k to, was to move away from AW and GR, 18 months ago: get Ontraport.

He was right and I haven’t looked back.

(And now I share the same info with anyone reading HeyMalc for FREE! LOL)


So, now you know “Email Marketing 101”!

Hardly anyone is really talking about how to build a relationship with your list. But, really, it’s just like building a relationship with a person offline.

Yes, a certain number of “lemmings” will buy stuff you recommend if you send them endless spammy emails. But you don’t want your list to be lemmings, do you?

Get them to trust you, first, then send them emails which are 90% information, and 10% selling. Then you can build up a solid  business.

Most people are not making maximum use of their list; but if you follow the method above and recycle your emails into a welcome sequence you will double your results over time. Once you can justify Ontraport you can then “resend to unopens” easily which will give your profits another serious boost.

Put this strategy in place today. It will take a while to set up, but then you only have to write one email a week 🙂

I hope this “Email Marketing 101” article gets you thinking – and gets you some results. What do you think? Comment below, please 🙂

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