Download Any Video To Watch Later – Part 2

Download Any Video To Watch Later – Part 2

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by on 24/02/2012

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It’s great to download a video to enable you to watch a video later, sometimes.

For example, a video I wanted to watch recently was an hour-long and could not be paused.

That’s no good to me.

First of all I wanted to take notes. And secondly there is no way I will sit and listen to a whole hour of an IM video. I listen in dribs and drabs while on my tea break, or even listen to the soundtrack in the car via iPod.

Also, I usually want to speed it up as there is not 2 hours of real meat in a 2 hour video. (You can increase the speed using Windows Media Player or VLC video player. 1.4 x the speed usually works well.)

Easily Download Video

In the first post on this topic I cover the easy solution – using the great Firefox addon: Download Helper.

How To Download Any Video…

But sometimes Download Helper does not work to download a video – it may not be able to “find” the video on the page. Maybe as part of their video marketing someone has protected a video to make it hard to download it. Then another solution is called for – it can still be done if you know how.

Download a Video That Doesn’t Want To Be…

See the video for a demonstration of how that can be done for any video: using Applian’s Replay Video Capture.

It’s excellent.

As I said in the previous post about Download Helper, capturing and converting videos is quite often not straightforward and often takes a few tries – with different software – to get it working. Always start with Download Helper – because whenever you are playing a video it can download, the three coloured balls in the tool bar start spinning IF it is able to download that video. If they stop spinning anytime, reloading the page will often get them going again.

So that’s why it’s necessary to have 2 or even 3 solutions to download any videos if you want the best chance of snagging them all. Otherwise, just stick with Download Helper and accept that sometimes it just won’t be able to download a video.

So, the additional software I use most are: 1. Applian’s Replay Video Capture and 2. AVS Video Converter.

If you want just one of these, I recommend Applian’s complete Replay suite which has a number of other utilities in it in addition to the “video capture”. And yes, it’s paid for: but it’s not expensive. I recommend you check it out and consider it as a useful tool for your toolbox.

AVS Video Converter – if you visit this link you will see the “AVS4YOU All in 1” software listed which I recommend. You get over a dozen utilities for converting and editing various types of media. These include the video converter.

Or, to save a little cash, you can download the video converter alone from the same page. As it doesn’t save you much I suggest you get the whole well-designed suite of utilities, unless you are a little tight for money.

Part one of this post


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  • Liz Gordon

    Thanks Malc for telling us about these two options re videos. I also find it difficult to find time to sit through all the chat and warm up stuff, when I just want to refresh my memory over how they did something specific. The best bits are always well into the video, so a fast forward ability will be brilliant.It will be a great help to be able to just tuck the important videos away somewhere easy to access. A great time saver!  Liz G

    • Hi Liz – glad you agree. Another thing I found is that, in the car, if I start listening to a 1-hour video track or mp3 then turn off the ignition, the playback often reverts to the start of the track on my iPod. So if I have a long training I really want to listen to I use the “splitter” you get with Applian’s Replay Suite – the Replay Media Splitter – to divide the whole thing into segments. I do 15 minutes. This may sound nerdy, but after you’ve fast-forwarded to the point 30 minutes into an mp3 for the 4th time to resume where you were it get VERY annoying. That splitter is now a useful part of my armoury. ( They do have an affiliate program – but I can’t be bothered going through Shareasale. Too much hassle… lol)

      One thing I just listened to in the car for the 4th time (in 15 minute segments) is Testing Dynamite by Joe Lavery. This stuff really is dynamite – for anyone who has any sort of sales process – to maximize conversion reates at every point of the process. Joe has taken it to the “nth” degree as far as accuracy and ease-of-use is concerned. The 15-minute segments work well for this training! Love it! (You can tell…)

      You might not be surprised to hear that my partner lives 15 minutes drive away… but, hey, you can do 10 or 20 minutes it’s up to you! But an hour is just too long – 10-20 minute segments means you can re-listen too. And my iPod does not like rewinding: and its fast-forwarding is tedious.

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