Download Videos To Watch Later – Part 1

Download Any Video To Watch Later – Part 1

by on 24/02/2012

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Sometimes you want to download a video from the internet so you can watch it later at your leisure.

This may be easy: sometimes it’s harder – but it can always be done.

Here are videos on how you can download any video. First is the simple way using a Firefox addon – Download Helper. This addon is a dream to use in most cases. And it will work to download YouTube or most other videos.

It will even convert them into other formats – so that you can, for example, watch them on your tablet or smartphone.

But sometimes Download Helper just can’t get it’s “hooks” into the video (“sniffing” it in accepted video terminology…) in which case you need something stronger and cleverer.

The video might be “protected” from sharing. This makes it a pain if you want to rewind, or to pause it while you take notes.

That’s where Applian’s Replay Video Capture comes in handy. Replay Video Capture is actually part of a suite from Applian and I bought the whole thing as it has other useful software in there too, such as a good converter and a Skype recorder.

The next post and video show you how Replay Video Capture will capture any video that you can play on your computer. But first, this video shows you the wonders of the free Download Helper Firefox addon.

Now, let me be clear – capturing and converting videos is not a piece of cake! So if you don’t like a little bit of fiddling around, don’t go there.

But if you are an internet marketer, or a budding internet marketer, go for it: as fiddling around is an essential part of a career in IM as, no doubt, you know already. 🙂

For something like downloading videos or converting them videos to other formats, it’s useful to have 2 or even 3 solutions as sometimes one works: sometimes another.

That said, Download Helper and Applian’s Replay Video Capture are two tools I really like to have in my armoury.

My third favourite? OK – as you press me (LOL) it’s AVS Video Converter. From this page link, I recommend the “AVS4YOU All in 1” software as you get over a dozen tools including the video converter. Or, for not much saving, you can download the video converter alone. As it doesn’t save you much I suggest you get the whole well-designed suite of utilities, unless things are really tight for you.


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