Double Email Marketing Profits

Double Email Marketing Profits

by on 06/03/2014

Double Email Marketing Profits
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It is quite easy to double your email marketing profits if you use the Ontraport email marketing system.

Of course, you need to be making money from your email marketing in the first place! But if you are, and if it’s over $200 a month, you will be silly to keep using Aweber or Mailchimp. You are simply leaving money on the table.

There are two sorts of email marketing services:

  • Normal email marketing services
  • Better email marketing services

Normal Email Marketing Services

These include “the usual suspects”: Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, iContact, etc. they are OK to start off your Internet marketing career, but they are nothing special. And they miss a lot of tricks which can make you a lot more money.

Better Email Marketing Services

These include Ontraport and Infusionsoft. Ontraport is very user friendly and cheaper in many ways. Infusionsoft is confusing and expensive (hence I don’t link to it).

So you can see that I favour using Ontraport! (And I do use it myself, and like it a lot.)

Double Email Marketing Profits

Watch the video and you will see how to double your email marketing profits using Ontraport. Once your monthly earnings exceed around $200 a month you can justify investing in Ontraport.

When you do invest in Ontraport you will find it’s a joy to use compared with the email marketing systems you are used to.


Instantly Double Email Marketing Earnings with Ontraport (Office Autopilot)

What you will learn

  • How normal email services work
  • How the better email services work
  • What are “if/then” rules?
  • How do they double my earnings?
  • Are there any limitations?
  • Where do I get “if/then” rules?

How normal email services work

A visitor fills in form, clicks Submit

Name and email added to a LIST

The owner sends emails to the whole list

Sending to just SOME of the list is:

  • Tricky
    • You have to fiddle around a bit using the available filters
  • Limited
    • and the filters available are very limited in what they let you do
  • Multiple lists
    • You can have multiple lists on the normal email marketing services. But managing these is, again, limited and fiddly

How the better email services work

Contacts are added to a…

Database of Customer Records… which can be…


Let’s break that down

A database contains customer records

In our case, we will have a record for each person who has contacted us

Think of an old fashioned company with a box of record cards

Each card = a contact record

One for each contact. The box is a simple database.

Now imagine that on each record card is an email address, the name if we know it plus a list of their interests. If we are a sports shop, the list might be: tennis, squash, football.

These are added to the record as Tags.

Tag = an item on the list

But tags are more flexible than that. They can record anything you want. So

Tags could also be:

  • “Customer”
  • “Prospect”
  • “Have bought product X”
  • “Have been sent email Y”
  • “Added from a form on Website Z”

You can add any tags

With the better email marketing services you can add or delete any tags you choose to a contact record

You can add them;


to one record or to any number of records, or


by making a signup form add specific tags to customer records

Contact -> Contact Record -> Tags

So, each contact in Ontraport has a database record which is tagged with useful tags.

How does this help?

It allows us to apply very powerful

If/Then rules

The if/then rules are the heart of Ontraport.

What are if/then rules?

If A applies…. then do B

If you are familiar with the web service “If This Then That” – – then this is very similar.

They are basically: if a certain condition applies, then perform an action with that contact

Let’s look at a few examples of how to apply the if/then rules.

Example 1 – A non-customer discount

Let’s look at a company who wants to send an email once a month offering a $10 discount – but ONLY to non-customers. The if/then rule you’d set up to run automatically could be:

IF they aren’t yet a customer…

THEN, send them an email with a special discount on the 30th of each month

This can be completely automatic. They get the email every month – until they buy: then it stops.

Example 2 – A Coach

A coach might write a new email sequence selling his or her services and want to send it to everyone who’s downloaded a specific free report during the last couple of years.

Their if/then rule would be:

IF a contact downloaded my free report and they are not a coaching client

THEN send them my coaching email sequence.

And each of those people get a sequence of 4, 5, 6 – or as many as you like – emails – sent automatically. This is easy to set up

Example 3 – Resending to non-opens

When you send an email only a certain number of people open it. Next day, hardly anybody extra opens it. But if you send it again, just to those who didn’t open it first time around, especially if you change the subject line, you will get up to 50% additional people opening it.

This powerful if/then rule is simply:

IF they have not opened my email

THEN resend it two days later

This is very easy to set up with Ontraport – the work of two minutes to hugely increase your “open” rate – the number of people reading your email.

How do “if/then” rules double my earnings?

If twice as many people open your emails … you should make twice as much money

Don’t you agree?

“Resending to unopens” can double your open rate

IF they haven’t opened my email

THEN resend it two days later

REPEAT another two days later

To the remaining unopens

50-100% increase

This always increases my own open rate by between 50% and 100%

If/then rules increase flexibility massively

You can start to work out all sorts of strategies which will enable you to offer customers what they want with pinpoint precision.

Are there any limitations?

Only your imagination

It’s best to keep it fairly simple to begin with. But as you use Ontraport more and more you will get more ideas.

One of the most powerful ways to use it is to “Segment,” your list.

“Segmenting” your list

Tagging allows you to “segment” your list

Accurate targeting

How does that work? Well, take the health niche.

Health niche

Tag people with “Menopause”, or “Arthritis”

Internet marketing niche?

Tag people with “Hosting” or “SEO”

This allows you to send highly targeted offers … to people with specific needs or problems

How do you tag people?

One easy way is to offer a … Free Report … by popping your email into a form.

If it’s a new person, then a new contact record will be created in Ontraport with the correct tag. If it’s an existing person, then the tag will be added to their existing customer record.

Targeted emails can follow

Targeted emails are brilliant.

Once you know someone’s interests. You can send them a series of emails which target their interests precisely.

These emails can have a lot more sales messages in them than you would want to put in general emails. The benefits of a targeted email sequence are:

  • Your emails will be well accepted because they are targeted
  • You can send more emails…because they will be perceived as relevant.
  • You can send more marketing messages in those emails…because your contact is interested in products which can help them
  • Send information about new products

Once you find out about new products in the future – or, perhaps, even make these products yourself, you have a ready list of potential buyers who you can send this information to and it will be well received.

This is marketing at its best and it is all possible because you’ve got the best email marketing service in existence – Ontraport.

Where do I get if/then rules?

Email marketing services providing these features are those which use a database rather than lists.

The two leading contenders are:



Having checked into it many times my strong recommendation is that you don’t touch Infusionsoft.

The main reasons I recommend against it are that:

It is expensive

It costs $2000 upfront to get the initial training in how to use it.

You also have to buy extra modules to do some of the simplest of things. And, finally, to get it to suit you.

You are going to have to do some custom programming with it at some point and you will have to pay a programmer.

It is very user-unfriendly

Options are hidden within other options and once you’ve hunted them down. It’s then difficult to remember where they were next time you want them.

The learning curve is very steep and, unless you are using it every day – which is a waste of valuable marketing time – you will forget where things are.


For most people, Infusionsoft will be a frustrating experience: proceed with caution.

Ontraport is Near Perfect

No one’s perfect – but Ontraport s email marketing features and support come close. Other features of Ontraport I may not rush to use. But all I really want it for is the email marketing which is fantastic.

It is good value

When you first buy into Ontraport you get several hours free training.

Having owned it for 18 months. I’ve never had to pay for custom programming for it to do something which ought to be included.

Everything I need is there. (You definitely cannot say that with Infusionsoft.)

It is very user friendly

This system has a very shallow learning curve. Anything that isn’t clear you can phone support – which is open for extended working hours – and they are very knowledgeable about the email marketing features. In my experience, they very soon get you up to speed.

Next time you want to use a feature you just remember where it is – because it’s so well organised.

Pure bliss

Ontraport is a great tool to have to run your email marketing. It has brilliant features, is easy to use and the support is extremely good.

When you are earning over $200 a month from email marketing you absolutely must get Ontraport.

Who wouldn’t want to double their email marketing earnings?

Check out Ontraport here.

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