Double Email Marketing Profits

Double Email Marketing Profits

by on 06/03/2014

Double Email Marketing Profits
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It is quite easy to double your email marketing profits if you use the Ontraport email marketing system.

Of course, you need to be making money from your email marketing in the first place! But if you are, and if it’s over $200 a month, you will be silly to keep using Aweber or Mailchimp. You are simply leaving money on the table.

There are two sorts of email marketing services:

  • Normal email marketing services
  • Better email marketing services

Normal Email Marketing Services

These include “the usual suspects”: Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, iContact, etc. they are OK to start off your Internet marketing career, but they are nothing special. And they miss a lot of tricks which can make you a lot more money.

Better Email Marketing Services

These include Ontraport and Infusionsoft. Ontraport is very user friendly and cheaper in many ways. Infusionsoft is confusing and expensive (hence I don’t link to it).

So you can see that I favour using Ontraport! (And I do use it myself, and like it a lot.)

Double Email Marketing Profits

Watch the video and you will see how to double your email marketing profits using Ontraport. Once your monthly earnings exceed around $200 a month you can justify investing in Ontraport.

When you do invest in Ontraport you will find it’s a joy to use compared with the email marketing systems you are used to.

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