Develop a solid, profitable online business – 5

Develop a solid, profitable online business – 5

by on 24/12/2012

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OK let’s wrap it up!

I have taken you though the four keys of a successful internet marketing business. Now here is the summary video. It also includes a couple of extra “mini-keys”.

I have not covered every single thing you need to do: that was not my aim. But I identified the key reasons most people fail. And I have talked to a lot of people who have failed.

So, please do turn things around in the next twelve months. And make you success near to a certainty by following my tips in these five videos.

Here comes the wrap up: and please do let me know what you think below, in the comments.

The Four Key Strategies to Internet Marketing Success


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Two Extra Keys For Success

1. Review every week

Now on to couple of extra Keys for Success. First of all, the review.

It is very, very beneficial to have a regular review, and it’s easy not to follow that habit.

To do so, simply set time aside, probably every week, and have a good look at everything you’re doing.

This will include:

  • The things on your to-do list (which you are maintaining, I hope, using The Secret Weapon and Getting Things Done)
  • A quick review of your projects to make sure you are concentrating on the right ones
  • A review of how your time management is going and any tweaks and improvements
  • A review of new goals and targets you have set yourself – see the next section

All this is really a matter of reviewing everything which is in your time management system – which should be recording all your plans, all your projects and all your action tasks. By reviewing all of these you will be sure that you aren’t missing anything you intended to do: and you will pull thing forward – from your ideas list – at the appropriate time.

You will also check your diary for appointments in the past weeks (and make sure you have no follow-up tasks associated with them still to do) as well as looking at your schedule for the coming week to see what you have to prepare for, if anything.

Then you are ready for anything.

Set time aside for your review: then carry it out as specified in David Allens’ Getting Things Done system, and as made easier by The Secret Weapon system.

The review is all about an objective assessment of where you are and how you have been doing. It is definitely not about criticising yourself or beating yourself up.

You have to accept that you were doing the best you can in the circumstances you find yourself. With that positive frame of mind you can then work out how to step forward, step-by-step, towards the success you know you can achieve.

Set yourself targets

My final Key for Success is to make sure you are setting yourself targets for the coming week, month, and even year – targets which you will review and tweak during your weekly review.

After listening to, reading or watching this series of trainings, your targets may include:

  • Listening to one of The Secret Weapon videos each day
  • Buying David Allen’s Getting Things Done book and reading it
  • Getting Evernote and playing with it
  • Clearing your whole desk into your in-tray and sorting through them one by one (Getting Things Done)
  • Using your diary only for appointments – not as a to do list
  • Identifying three systems of making money to research
  • Set yourself a target of making $500 a month within 12 months by applying a system

And so on.


So, to summarise your new approach for 2013 (or any New Year) to making money you need to choose one idea and stick to it – that is far more likely to bring you success than simply reading the latest email to hit your inbox and chasing off on yet another rabbit trail.

Focus of most of your time on actually making money, not preparing to make money. It is a very common experience to get to the end of the day and say to yourself: “gosh, what have I done today”. Get the most out of every day.

Choose not to read those emails and unsubscribe to nearly all of them.

Don’t read the sales letters, most of which are rubbish.

Don’t become a lifetime student – spending 90% of your time learning stuff which might or might not be useful. You have to apply most of your time to something which is likely to produce you a return – given time.

If you can, get some trusted support. There is nothing like having someone who has been successful giving you direct advice. However, the obvious downside is that this is likely to be expensive because why otherwise would that person help you when they could be spending that time making themselves a lot more money than you are liable to be pained them?

So, I suppose your best chance is of finding somebody who is just about to be very successful and is still charging a low or modest cost for their time. This is just a case of talking to a lot of people and sussing people out preferably by finding out what other people you trust say about them.

I think that to meet people doing IM it’s a good idea to take part in discussions on Facebook groups where a loss of successful people hang around and you can quite often talk to them in an informal way.

And do keep those regular reviews going and make notes about how you think you are doing and of your new goals for the next month or two.

I wish you all the very best for the 2013 and beyond.

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