Develop a solid internet business – 3: time management

Develop a solid, profitable online business – 3

by on 24/12/2012

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Now onto part three of my series to give you all the success I know you want and deserve, in the next twelve months.


For a solid internet-based business you have to have mastered certain key strategies. To help you get a handle of some of the most important ones, I have picked out the four which I think are the most often mis-applied by internet marketers. At the end there are a two extras I’ve thrown in too.

The strategy in this video is about managing your time. This is absolutely essential to do well: and fortunately there is an easy way to do it I am going to run through. And it’s free! (Well, you may need a second-hand book from Amazon.)

The time management system I share with you here is absolutely ACE. It has changed my life.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Four Key Strategies to Internet Marketing Success

A Text Summary

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Use a good time management system and apply it to every one of your actions

My third key of four is: use a good time management system. This really will help you to organise yourself.

Most people doing Internet marketing feel all at sea with much too much going on in their heads. So you do need to really organise yourself – most especially with Internet marketing.

For many years I have liked and recommended David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”, as being the best time management system around. It simply has no equal; for me it has been revolutionary.

Grab the book Getting Things Done – you can get it on Amazon second hand for just a few dollars – and read through it. It is gold.

About six months ago I found an additional system which taught implementation of Getting Things Done by utilising another of my favourite solutions – Evernote. Using this system – it’s called The Secret Weapon – I rearranged my time management system in around three hours, which is incredible. Also, the new arrangement is ten time better than any time management system I have ever used.

I am still using it – and that says something!

This is my strong recommendation for organising your time effectively – go to The Secret Weapon web site and go through their free training.

If you already know Getting Things Done, and if you already know EvernoteThe Secret Weapon will get you up and running in around about three hours. If you are not familiar with Getting Things Done it will take just a little longer.

To my mind, The Secret Weapon is a real breath of fresh air in time management. I think you will love it too. In internet marketing managing your time – and your tasks and projects – can be crucial. So many marketers feel overwhelmed with all there is to do: so study The Secret Weapon and put this all behind you!

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