How to develop a solid, profitable online business – 2

Develop a solid, profitable online business – 2

by on 24/12/2012

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This is part two of my series to make you success in the next year.


To develop a solid internet-based business you have to apply certain key strategies, and I have picked out the four which I think are the most often ignored, or misunderstood: plus a couple of extras at the end of the training.

The strategy in this video is about reading fewer sales pages! It is easier to read fewer – I tell you how in the video. Let’s face it, most of them are either rubbish or they distract you from making money; neither of these is good.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Four Key Strategies to Internet Marketing Success

Apply these strategies and definitely get successful in the next 12 months (at last!)


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Read fewer sales letters

The second way to save a ton of time is by reading fewer sales letters.

Many HeyMalc list members have told me that they spend time reading too many sales letters. The thing is, reading most of these is a complete waste of time for you. Few of them offer you a complete system of making money. The ones that do offer this – most of those are bogus. So you really are wasting your time reading them.

That’s why I always recommend researching the complete systems of making money which are out there on the market, choosing one of these, and sticking with it until it successful for you. This is one of my later main points.

Recognize the danger signs

If you do insist on reading sales letters remember the red flags, or danger signs, which comprise the: “HeyMalc BS detector”.

These include:

  • Claims from the copy that you will be successful either quickly or easily
  • Claims that the system is very easy to implement and requires little effort
  • Over-liberal use of “proofs” showing earnings by the vendor or of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, and
  • Blind” sales copy. The last is where the – usually video – sales letter tells you that you will be hugely successful but never actually tells you what the product is.

Anyway, as I say, in most cases don’t even bother reading the sales letter.

The Two Minutes Rule

One great tip is to use the Getting Things Done “two minute rule”. Allow yourself two minutes to read the sales letter, then if you need longer stop immediately but put it on your to-do list.

That one action will cut down the number of sales letters you read enormously.

To be effective, this strategy must be combined with following a system of making money – assiduously. If you are dedicated to following such a system, then the pull of those attractive sales letters will be much weaker. And that is what you need to happen.

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