How to develop a solid, profitable online business

Develop a solid, profitable online business

by on 24/12/2012

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The holiday season being here, I was thinking about what I could give you as a present. It’s this: HOW TO DEVELOP A SOLID ONLINE BUSINESS! LET ME HELP YOU ACHIEVE WHAT MOST OF YOU WANT, BUT MOST OF YOU (98% +) HAVE NOT GOT. This is my present to you. I hope you like it – it has taken me twelve hours to produce so far – and there are still a few tweaks to do! To develop a solid internet-based business you have to apply certain key strategies, and I have picked out the four which I think are the most often ignored, or misunderstood: plus a couple of extras at the end of the training. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Four Key Strategies to Internet Marketing Success

Apply these strategies and definitely get successful in the next 12 months (at last!)


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How to develop a solid, profitable online business I know that many of you out there could do with a Christmas present which was: “To be earning a living Internet marketing”!!!

Well, I was wondering what I could offer you in terms of information as a Christmas present. The answer I came up with was to provide a quick summary of how you can make sure that in 2013 you develop yourself an Internet marketing income – which so far has more than likely proven to be elusive.

So here are my top tips to help you have a review here at the end of 2012 and come up with a new strategy for 2013.

Review the methods you have been using and replace the ones that don’t work with some new ones which do.

To help you to do that I’ve summarised four key steps which, from my experience in talking to people who are on my list, are the four steps which most often need addressing to change things for the better.

4 key strategies – which trip most people up

  • Manage your email better
  • Read fewer sales letters
  • Manage your time well
  • Follow a system of making money

The four steps are to manage your email better, to read fewer sales letters, to manage your time really well and to follow a system – a proven system – of making money.

At the end there are a couple of extra strategies I’ve thrown in too.

First, let’s have a look at how you can release time for yourself by managing your email better.

Manage your email better

Waste less time on email

Separate important from unimportant

For me, the most important change I made in managing my email was when I decided to separate my important emails from my non-important emails. This made a huge difference for me and probably saved me 30 minutes a day.

It’s not hard to set up.

The first thing you do is to create a second inbox. I’ve called mine: “non—urgent”.

By using “rules”, you can automatically send any non-urgent email to the non-urgent inbox by setting up a rule. This is easily done in Outlook by right clicking on the message and selecting “rules”. In Gmail there is a similar process to set up a rule. You will find many accounts of this if you simply Google it.

What happens then is that whenever you check your normal inbox the only emails in their will be either emails that genuinely important, emails which should really be in the non-urgent inbox but you haven’t yet set a rule up for them, and maybe a few spam emails.

It will take you a week or 2 to classify nearly all of your non-urgent emails as such. Following this, you will get a few new ones every day or every week thanks to things you have bought or services you have signed up to. But it’s only a work of a few seconds to make sure that all emails from that source sent to your non-urgent box in the future.

Once the system is set up it will send, if you are like me, 75 to 80% of your emails to the non-urgent inbox.

The main benefit of this is that you know all your important emails are definitely in your inbox  (except, maybe, a very few which have to be rescued from your spam folder).

So, when you are checking your non-urgent inbox there is virtually zero chance of mistakenly deleting an important email. So it’s it becomes much easier to check through your non-urgent box.

Secondly, if you are in a real hurry you know you don’t even have to look in the non-urgent box. And if you have been on holiday from week, then having 80% of your emails which you know not urgent is very handy.

If necessary, you can just delete the whole lot, save yourself a ton of time, and be sure you haven’t lost anything of importance.

Thirdly, if a major emergency suddenly arises and you have to go out, say, it only takes seconds to quickly check your main inbox to make sure there is nothing important sitting in there. Then you can pay full attention to the new situation.

Sales letters (see next item)

This is so important that I talk about it as the next complete tip. But the main thing that drags you off to reading a sales letter is an email.

Keep your email client closed

This is a very simple tip which, if you don’t do it already, will prove its benefit to you after you’ve used it a few times.

It is simply to keep your email program closed as a general rule and only check your email occasionally. Or, if you have webmail like Gmail, close it when you have finished reviewing everything and only look at it again occasionally.

Depending on how many hours a day you are working this might be just once a day or it might be four times a day.

OK – if you are waiting for an important email you might need to leave it open for half an hour or an hour. But generally, keep your email client closed and you certainly don’t want it letting you know every time an email comes in.

In the same vein, if you are really concentrating on something and trying to work through it solidly turn off other interruptions as well – such as your mobile phone. And if the landline rings let it go to answer phone. Remember that after every interruption it takes you at least a few minutes to get back on track – sometimes a lot longer.

  (Continued in Video 2)

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