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by on 23/03/2013

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When you want to create a new website design or a new logo, outsourcing is your best friend.

When making money online you have to accept that you are good at some things and bad at others. And that it pays you to do certain jobs; whereas it pays you to get other people to do other jobs.

Are you a great designer?

I’m not. I know what I like the look of when I see it – but I know I am definitely not a “website designer”.

So I outsource that task.

Outsourcing brings faster success

If you have a good plan to become successful…

(…you DO have a plan, don’t you…?)

…then it makes huge sense to get someone else to design your website for you.

When outsourcing a site design, you do this:

  1. Write down exactly what you want, with examples if you can
  2. Hit “Go”
  3. Wait for a bunch of great designers to submit their designs to you
  4. Choose the one you like, and pay.

Job done!

One Week to a Good Design

How long does all this take?

My last design was a site design. In other words, I wanted to change the look and feel of a web site. This was done mainly through colour changes of the headings, menu bar and “byline” (the “posted by Malcolm Simmonds on [date] part). I ended up with a Photoshop image of my page.

This took ten days – pretty good!

The next week I had a logo designed for another site.

Miraculously, the first person who submitted gave me two fantastic designs to choose from. I had my finished logo after three days.

As a guide, expect it to take 1-2 weeks to get a finished piece of art work.

The 3 Stages of Getting a Lovely Website

When completely designing or redesigning a website I have found it’s best to think of it in three stages.

  1. Get the logo designed. (Definitely needs to be a Photoshop file)
    • For this you are best off getting many people to put their ideas forward. In other words, a contest for logog design (see later) is absolutely perfect.
  2. Get a good website design. (Again, this will be an image file. It can be Photoshop or Illustrator or even a jpg if they give you the exact colours and font names)
    • For the website design, once you f ind a good person you may well be able to use them again, without having to have a contest. You may be able to contact them directly.
  3. The application of the design to the website. (This is more of a technical job and will definitely use CSS.)
    • Once you have found someone who can do this well, you can use them again and again. After all, it’s mainly just a technical application of the design in the previous step. Once you have a good person here, keep their details for next time.

I’ve never had success finding someone to do more than one of these three jobs.

Some designers are good at logos and others are good at website design. You might find a company to do the whole lot: but then you lose control and will pay more.

 2 Design Extras You May Need

Two more things to consider:

  • You may need a header (the top strip of your website) created from your logo. Or just have a white background.
  • A strapline, or tag line. This usually appears under your logo. If you don’t have one, you need one as it is a good way of communicating  one or more core values of your brand to your audience. This is often aspirational – eg Nike’s: “Just do it”.

Wikipedia says of the tag line concept:

“The idea behind the concept [of a tag line] is to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of a brand or product (like a film), or to reinforce the audience’s memory of a product.”

Put some time into brainstorming your tag line, or strapline 🙂

48 Hours Logo

For my latest design – for HeyMalc – I decided to try 48 Hours Logo.

I usually use 99 Designs; but I thought I’d give 48 Hours Logo a try.

I already had my HeyMalc logo but I wanted the colour scheme of the blog looking a bit cooler and more interesting. I was prepared to change the colours in my logo if necessary.

48 Hours Logo – the process

The process is that you describe the colour scheme you want and possibly give examples of ones you like. You can give supply colours you like, or upload a colour swatch you like.

(My favourite site for choosing a colour scheme is Adobe’s beautiful (free!)  Kuler.)

The idea is to give the designers some sort of inspiration to help them.

On 48 Hours Logo you can either pay $29 and wait to see how many submissions you get in 48 hours. Or you can choose to guarantee to pay the full price and then you can set the initial period to be anything between one and seven days.

I recommend you take the: “$29 for 48 hours”, option and then if you get no submissions it’s cost you nothing.

Once the initial submission time is over you choose up to 3 people to go through to the second round. The second round lasts for up to 7 days.

I chose my three people to go through to the second round. By the end of the process I’d had 20 submissions.

That was plenty.

Here is a 5 minute video showing how the site at 48 Hours Logo works.

Feedback is important

It is beneficial to you to give the designers loads of feedback. Every time someone makes a submission tell them what you think. They will then take that feedback and come back with another design.

Then you critique that design and give more feedback.

The more feedback that you give, the better design you will end up with. And the closer you will get to what you want.

99 Designs

I love 99 Designs.

48 Hours Logo can be cheaper, but with 99 Designs you get more choice.

99 Designs is easier to use. And you have more flexibility before you get to the time when you have to commit your money.

With 48 Hours Logo you have to commit to full payment after the 48 hours – or abandon your contest. (You can relist it, though.)

With 99 Designs you can choose the length of your contest until you have to commit your money. I usually choose four or five days which works really well.

Again, when it comes to inviting participants, 99 Designs has the edge.

99 Designs lets you invite unlimited participants. So, if you haven’t got many submissions you can search out some good designers from the site and invite them.

With 48 Hours Logo you are limited to inviting only three designers. I’m sure there’s a good reason, but this seems ridiculous to me.

So, overall, choose 48 Hours Logo for the lowest cost, and choose 99 Designs for better choice, more flexibility, and a higher chance of getting the design you like.

Oustourcing saves you money

To maximise income in your Internet marketing business you have to involve other people.

When you are starting out maybe you can’t afford it.

But, in time, you want to be outsourcing all you can. You only want to be doing the jobs that really need your personal attention.

You have to trust

It can be difficult to let go and trust other people to do the work you think you ought to be doing.

Please remember this – it’s something my first ever business coach told me:

“Don’t run a business with people, run a business with systems.”

Wherever you can in your business, create a written system. Write it down point by point.

Yes, this takes time; but it means that you do not then have to do it personally.

And it means that if someone leaves the new person can learn from the written system – quickly, and accurately.

So please do outsource whenever you can.

And I think 48 Hours Logo is a good site to use as is 99 Designs.

Look at the comparative prices and see what you think. I’ve had good results from both.

Check out 48 Hours Logo

Check out 99 Designs


Kuler – a beautiful website of Adobe’s. Put in a colour you like and it will tell you other colours which tone in with it. A sort of “do-it-yourself colour swatch” site.


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