Camtasia Sluggish Timeline Editing (v8)

Camtasia Sluggish Timeline Editing (v8)

by on 27/08/2013

Camtasia Sluggish Timeline Editing (v8)
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Are you finding Camtasia sluggish timeline editing?¬† (v8) It’s taking me an age to edit videos.

I have a high power PC – in every respect – yet Camtasia 8 takes fully 30 seconds to open a 30 minute video I have created.

Admittedly, it has 150 to 200 edits. But nevertheless with a high-powered machine I wouldn’t expect be sitting here watching it for 15, 25, 30 seconds while it repaints some clips I’ve highlighted on the timeline.

If I want to highlight 50 or 100 clips to apply an effect to them all, I have to sit and wait. Camtasia is sluggish with timeline editing much more than v7 ever was.

Camtasia – Or Sony Vegas?

I’m thinking of changing¬† and if I do I suppose it will have to be Sony Vegas. I know there’s Adobe premiere, but the learning curve is much steeper for that.

Can anyone offer feedback on these video creation methods on PC?

I am planning to make scores of videos over the next few months and I can’t afford to be sitting here watching the screen slowly “paint”!

Maybe Camtasia Can Fix It

Let’s hope Camtasia comes up with a fix. But I’m not hugely optimistic considering the programme is only using 15% of the CPU when it is editing – hardly anything – it’s leaving half the RAM unused and it’s not help that I’ve just bought a new video card with 3 gig of RAM on board to try and help it along.

It just doesn’t seem to be using the resources available effectively.

Is anyone else finding Camtasia sluggish timeline editing? It’s frustrating me no end!

Camtasia support gave me some help

…but I still switched, successfully, to Sony Vegas.

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